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Game Profile
Publisher: SUPERHOT Team
Developer: SUPERHOT Team
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer


Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for player
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
No attack delay
Allows you to shoot a whole lot faster!
Prepare for gun
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
No reload
With this cheat you have unlimited ammo in your clip and don't need to reload - ever!
Fast bullets
Increases the speed of all your bullets - making it way harder for enemies to dodge your bullets!
Increase player speed
Increased player speed allows you to speed up your movement, making it way easier to dodge bullets, surprise enemies etc.!
Decrease player speed
This cheat allows you to decrease the gameplay speed!

Special Hint

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SUPERHOT: Slow-motion Action hero!

The 2016 released action-FPS-video-game SUPERHOT can be described as probably the slowest shooter of all time since time and enemies only move when you move. Maneuver through narrow levels in slow motion and kill everything and everyone in sight. SUPERHOT focuses on the core elements of a shooter, meaning there is no HUD - one shot and you're dead, same goes for your enemies. With the exclusive cheats and codes of our 2017 MegaTrainer, you will survive even the biggest hail of bullets!


The video-game SUPERHOT starts with a message from a friend of yours. He is sending you a crack for a game called SUPERHOT and tells you to check it out, which you do. As a player, you slowly but surely became addicted to the software until it suddenly crashes and disconnects you and the SUPERHOT.EXE no longer opens. Your friend sends you an update for the crack to ensure that it is running again. After a few more levels you notice that any progress you make in the game, is monitored and logged by someone and all of your messages get changed right after you have hit send. You get an in-game message warning you that you should stop playing immediately. Like a good gamer, you obviosity ignore the warning until you encounter a person wearing a VR headset. The story is not over at this point but summarizing it anymore would spoil the entire rest of the game which I do not want to do. One thing is definitely certain though, the story of the video-game SUPERHOT offers much than one would suspect!


The gameplay of SUPERHOT is based on the idea that time and enemies only move when the player moves. This allows you to 'stop' the action at any time and think about your next move. The game offers no HUD, but you never have more than a couple of bullets in the magazine of your gun. Luckily you can use more than guns to get rid of enemies. If you are out of ammo you can just throw your gun at one of the enemies and finish him off with your fists. Other melee weapons include a Katana and pretty much everything else you can pick up in the world, bottles etc. Slow-motion allows you to dodge bullets at the last second and even if it fails you can just switch to a different body at later stages of the game. The visuals of SUPERHOT are just as minimalist as the gameplay and focus only on the essentials. All levels are white and opponents are bright red. The whole thing is quite coherent and looks great even with the minimalist look!


You're constantly outnumbered in SUPERHOT and your chances of survival are pretty slim in every mission. If you have already finished the game or just stuck somewhere, our 2017 released MegaTrainer with its exclusive cheats and codes will definitely be of help to you. Our handmade SUPERHOT Cheats provide you with faster bullets, allowing to easily eliminate even the fastest, smartest and toughest opponents. With our No-Reload Cheat, you will never run out of ammo again. Our SUPERHOT Trainer comes packed with a code to increase player movement speed. This allows you to move way faster than any opponent or object through the world, making it super easy to dodge and avoid enemies!


  • Stunning and above all coherent visuals
  • Focuses on the essentials of a shooter
  • High level of difficulty
  • Variety of challenges
  • Interesting story
  • Slow-motion


The video game SUPERHOT was released in February 2016. In May 2017, the developer released SUPERHOT VR. The VR version supports the HTC VIVE and the Occulus Rift. The look of SUPERHOT already suggested that a VR version would be available somewhere down the road. It is finally there and a blast to play. The developer is selling a package of both versions for around $20 on Steam!


This board is for SUPERHOT. Use this platform to discuss positive and negative aspects of the game. If you have a problem with our trainer or a cheat, please check our FAQ or open a Support.
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