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02.02.2016 • 5 Codes
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Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Crystal Dynamics
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Rise of the Tomb Raider Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite ammo
Provides you with unlimited ammo!
No reload
Activate this cheat and you don't have to reload anymore.
Infinite skill points (on open inventory)
Increases your skill points!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
Infinite items (on open resource menu)
You can have an infinite amount of items.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider: Back to the bloody beginnings!

How exciting is this: The brand new action-adventure game Rise of the Tomb Raider that was published 2015-2016 invites you for the very first time to get to the bottom of the bloody beginnings of Lara Croft! Something like that couldn't be experienced in any of the previous games! The baptism of fire of the sexy archaeologist is anything but a picnic: Only with your help Lara may solve the mystery of immortality! By the help of our MegaTrainer she will succeed for sure! These cheats not only improve the equipment and the weapons of your foolhardy heroine considerably, but they present her the indestructible Godmode!


Long before the release of Rise of the Tomb Raider that took place from 2015 to 2016 many other Lara Croft games have conquered the market. While video games like Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider Underworld presuppose the recognition of the protagonist, Rise of the Tomb Raider takes you for the first time to the bloody dawn of the young archaeologist and tells of the go-through of her baptism of fire.
In this action-adventure the 22-year-old Lara experiences her very first great adventure. And do not worry: The search for the source of eternal life is certainly not for beginners. Even the father of Lara Craft has failed fulfilling this treacherous task!
Therefore, the young archeologist embarks on a journey to find the traces of her old man that lead her to Syria. But soon the investigative traces seem to blur and Lara must venture to go to Siberia.
It would be very nice if she was only supposed to fight against the bitter cold there: But the secret organization Trinity is also looking for the source and their henchmen are certainly not easy to wrestle down...


But of course, the young archeologist is not only sexy but also very quick-witted! The gameplay of Rise of the Tomb Raider is based on tremendous action as we know it from other Lara Croft games. But the special charm of this adventure game is generated precisely because of one thing: This unique game combines hard-hitting action with exciting platformer sections and several exploration- and survival elements!
In addition to the grueling battles with ax, pistol, rifle and bow, it is very important to explore tombs, solve multi-step puzzles, accquire useful equipment and to learn new skills.
The tombs are larger and more exciting than ever. But Lara does not only have to step into the ring against human enemies. Only if she tames wild beasts, deadly plants as well as the hostile environment, she might unlock rare resources that can be used to craft individual equipment and weapons.
The guerrilla combat system adds the final touch to this awesome adventure. You'll use the environment to your advantage, climb trees, dive underwater and look for other hiding places just to attack your enemies at the very right moment! Only if you master that, Lara will pass her first tests and won't be a bloody beginner anymore!


Anyway: Using the help of the MegaTrainer, you will succeed in everything that you wish for! Thanks to these codes you will get a permanent full magazine and infinite ammo for all weapons - such as ax, pistol, rifle and bow! Other codes provide you with an infinite number of items. Thus Lara can not only improve her equipment and weapons decisively, but she may also forge entirely new and individual stuff!
Our other Rise of the Tomb Raider cheats provide you with all the additional skill points and even the Godmode! Thus your quick-witted archaeologist becomes not only immortal but she also improves her abilities to hunt, jump, puzzle, fight, etc. enormously! As mentioned above: The Rise of the Tomb Raider Trainer empowers you to solve the final puzzle of eternal life!


  • Release 2015–2016 on multiple platforms: Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation (PS4) and Windows PC
  • Much more intense than previous games like Tomb Raider or Tomb Raider Underworld
  • Videos over videos and news over news on the official home page
  • Brilliant combination of action, platformer and puzzle-passages
  • Brilliant combination of action, platformer and puzzle-passages
  • Individual equipment and weapons for crafting
  • Impressive and yet deadly tombs
  • Unique guerrilla combat system
  • Multilevel mystery


The brilliant action game Rise of the Tomb Raider that was released on multiple platforms 2015-2016 is much more intense than the previous games!
Why is that? As never before Lara must use her penetrating mind and her mighty skills to survive, forge new alliances and ultimately to accept her fate once and for all. The more brutal combat and the more deadly tombs she overcomes, the more she will become aware: She is no longer Lara Croft. She has already gone through her baptism of fire and the bloody beginnings lay long behind her. Her destiny is set in stone: From now on and for all times she is Tomb Raider!

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  • captain4wes0me
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05.04.2018 08:58
Did you download our MTU? Just click the get started button and download - it's the same download for all users. Log in and all your gold features are available, select Rise of the Tomb Raider and click play - if your game is up2date in steam, jsut select the newest/top game-version in the MTU -. Happy Gaming
  • voyager6
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04.04.2018 22:00
How do i start trainer, i see the cheats but no download
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