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21.07.2018 • 5 Codes

Rise of Industry: Economic simulation in the 20th century!

In the simulation-video-game Rise of Industry you have to run your company in a lively, randomly generated world set in the early 20th century. The video-game offers over 100 individual products, which can be produced and transported by your company. Due to the procedurally generated game world, every gamer will experience the game differently. Our 2018 MegaTrainer provides you with the necessary change in your virtual wallet.
Game Profile
Publisher: Kasedo Games
Developer: Dapper Penguin Studios
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Rise of Industry Cheats

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Prepare for cheats
This cheat prepares the game for other cheats. It should be activated first, otherwise the other cheats won't work properly!
+ 10,000,000 money
This code increases your money according to the displayed value.
+ 25,000,000 money
This code increases your money according to the displayed value.
+ 50,000,000 money
This code increases your money according to the displayed value.

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Rise of Industry is an economic-simulation-video-game set in the 20th century. Manage your ever-growing empire. The gameplay of Rise of Industry is very similar to other genre-representatives like Train Fever, Transport Fever and Transports. Through a randomly generated game world, each new game in Rise of Industry will feel and play entirely different from your last playthrough. Your empire can produce and ship over 100 different products. Build and manage a stable transportation network for all your goods, transport them on rails, road, sea or air. In the living game world of Rise of Industry, you are not the only one trying to reach the top of the food chain, the extraordinarily smart AI tries the same thing, are you ready for competition?


Thanks to a modern city AI you always have to keep an eye on your popularity. Thanks to advertising and other marketing ploys, you can improve your image or restore a damaged one and build new business relationships. Collecting raw materials, production and trade are the three pillars of gameplay in Rise of Industry. You can specialize in one sector with your company or choose any combination. Not only cities undergo constant change in the video-game Rise of Industry the same applies also to the environment. Diseases, environmental pollution, scarce oil reserves, one of these ‘little things' can be enough to bring down any powerful industrial magnate. In addition to the classic Single-Player scenarios, Rise of Industry also offers you a sandbox mode, with no limits to your imagination, in it, you can act and build as you please.


In Rise of Industry, as in other economic simulation, everything revolves around money. Our 2018 MegaTrainer makes sure you always have enough of it. Our Rise of Industry Cheats increase your finances by +10, +25 or even +50 million. Thanks to our Rise of Industry Trainer the way to the top of the industry food-chain is an easy and fast one.


  • Randomly generated game world
  • Over 100 individual products
  • Environmental impacts
  • Marketing promotions
  • Tough competition
  • Modern city AI


The video game Rise of Industry was released into Steam Early-Access in mid-February 2018. After the full release, the video-game Rise of Industry will also receive a multiplayer mode or at least that’s what the developers of Dapper Penguin Studios are promising.

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