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01.05.2012 • 10 Codes

RIDE - The Ride of your Life

In RIDE you begin your meteoric career, where you have to give everything to get to the top. Whoever wants to reach the pantheon of Champions, has not only to get his bike down pat.
Game Profile
Publisher: Milestone S.r.l.
Developer: Milestone S.r.l.
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Ride Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Free rewinds/flashbacks
This cheat grants you unlimited rewinds during races!
Prepare for money-cheat
Preparation for the money Cheat!
Money +25.000
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value.
Freeze lap-timer
Makes you freeze the lap-timer during time-races!
Prepare for gear-cheats
You have to activate this Cheat, beforte the gear-Cheats can come into effect!
Limit AI-gear
This Cheat is also a preperation to decrease the gears of your opponents. Activate this one first, before you set a certain gear!
AI max 2nd gear
Using these Cheats, you determine wether your opponents drive without a gear, only in 1st, only in 2nd or only in 3rd gear. It's your choice!
AI max 3rd gear
Using these Cheats, you determine wether your opponents drive without a gear, only in 1st, only in 2nd or only in 3rd gear. It's your choice!
AI max 1st gear
Using these Cheats, you determine wether your opponents drive without a gear, only in 1st, only in 2nd or only in 3rd gear. It's your choice!
AI always no gear
Using these Cheats, you determine wether your opponents drive without a gear, only in 1st, only in 2nd or only in 3rd gear. It's your choice!

Special Hint

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  • All Ride cheats will only work to support the the human player.
  • Currently 64bit games cannot be supported by our MegaTrainers. For this reason we created temporary trainers which are in contrast to our MegaTrainers are exclusive available for goldmembers!
  • In contrast to our MegaTrainer it's necessary to run these single-trainers after you've started the game!



Traveling several countries, this game stages stunning races between modern and historic motorcycle classes. The control and the setting are so authentic that the player imagines himself right in the middle of the action. The modification possibilities, which RIDE offers, are without precedent. The race tracks go through varied terrain and diverse environments. In short: RIDE provides the ultimate motorcycle-ride of your life! The game gets right to the point during the World Tour. That's the main game mode of RIDE. From race to race, the player has to improve his driving skills. Tracks, races and drivers get more demanding from competition to competition. For RIDE presents a very genuine simulation. The proper handling of your bike cries out for precision and dexterity! Finally the World Tour sends you around the world onto a variety of tracks, claiming different requirements and skills. Of course, there are also various motorcycle classes: Naked Bikes, Super Sport, Historic Superbikes, Modern Superbikes and especially Premium Events! No one said it would be easy to challenge the rest of the world!


Finally, every race you win, rewards you with a lot of money, which you know to use well, indeed. One single glance at the motorcycle shop and you know exactly, which bike you always wanted to go for! The beauty of it: RIDE stages bikes of all the leading manufacturers that are listed below: Aprilia, Bimota, BMW, Ducati, EWC, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, Lightning, Agusta, Suzuki, Triumph, Yamaha, etc. But it gets even better, ever since RIDE not only offers all conventional bikes, but also models that are currently still in development and of course those, who wrote motorcycle history! In addition, each bike has its own specific dynamics. The actual acceleration, braking power, top speed and the current driving behavior affect your controlling during the races. Whoever doesn't find The Bike in this game, won't find it elsewhere! However, RIDE would not be a real motorcycle racing game if the tuning possibilities were half-baked. But actually, if you are not fond of the handling and driving behavior of your bike, then you just drive it into the garage and pimp your ride. Concerning the tuning options, there is nothing on your bike that couldn't be changed! How about an innovative electronic control unit and a more efficient air filter? Or a new exhaust pipe? After that you go for a better gear ratio, plus a new transmission and additionally a new chain! Of course you can model the look of your bike as well: New mirrors, pedals, lights, seats, etc. - concerning RIDE in terms of tuning, anything is possible! Even better: For each route in RIDE is very unique. The different tracks of the World Tour go through mountains, forests, cities, nature reserves and other attractive landscapes. In particular, the routes through the cities require a lot of skills. For here long straights and tight curves get mixed. That puts your reflexes to the test. Concerning the mountain passes that won't be much different. The GP circuits are real racing tracks where you can drive your bike to its full potential. But one rule is omnipresent: Acceleration, braking, steering: You have to master this triad in your sleep. In particular, the timing is crucial, because if you brake too late, you are going to fall! Therefore, it does not hurt to take advantage of the innovative Evolving Track System of RIDE. This assistance illustrates bright colors, which display the optimum driving routes. Once you become familiar with that, you leave your adversaries behind and storm the pantheon of champions!


Have you ever wondered what it would be, to start from the beginning by riding your favorite bike? Thanks to the Cheats of our Mega Trainer that is no longer just a dream! For you get as much money as you want! This means: You can buy any bike and achieve all the tuning options, which you think that are just right for your bike. In addition, our Cheats empower you to lower the gears of your opponents! Finally, you'll receive an infinite number of flashbacks. Thus you are able to rewind the action a few seconds after each accident! As it was said: The RIDE Trainer goes all the way!


  • Different tracks and routes all over the world
  • Stunning races during the World Tour
  • Bikes from all major manufacturers
  • Innovative Evolving Track System
  • Authentic motorcycle simulation
  • Myriads of tuning options
  • Sophisticated controls
  • Fantastic graphics

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