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01.05.2012 • 6 Codes

Resident Evil 6 – The Mona Lisa of the action survival horror!

Resident Evil 6 is by nature a survival horror game, but the sixth part of the grand Resident Evil series contains more action than any offshoot before. And that comes off really great! From the very beginning, Resident Evil 6 provides bad-ass action and skilfully leads the player into an universe of terror, violence and fear! Including the help of the MegaTrainer, you not only increase your skill points, but you get infinite ammo, endurance, healing potions and oxygen.
Game Profile
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Release Year: 2012
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Resident Evil 6 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Unlimited ammo + healpotions
As long as this cheat is active, you'll have unlimited amount of ammo for your weapons.
This cheat is a classical godmode which makes you immortal in all situations but the zombie-attacks. If you die by the zombies, you've to disable the cheat to continue playing.
Unlimited stamina
With this cheat your stamina will always be maximum.
No recoil
Prevents the recoil by all your fire-arms!
100.000 skillpoints
The cheat sets the skillpoints to the listed value.

Special Hint

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  • All cheats work for the human player only.
  • The trainer supports the normal and the pre-order version with SeasonPass.



The scenario of Leon S. Kennedy and Helena starts in the zombie-infested Tall Oaks. Together they form an almost unbeatable team, because they are both extremely good marksmen and they have each other’s backs! They solve many mysteries and get constantly tangled up in tough battles with horrible mutants, which have been fallen victim to the rampant C virus. Why both of them suddenly end up in China remains an unsolved mystique - until further notice. Nevertheless, it is as well the country, where the scenario of Chris Redfield starts, who is accompanied by Piers Nivans. Chris is suffering from severe trauma, but he tries to conceal his depression by venting on zombies. Together with Piers this goes very well, at least for most of the time. Sooner or later, they meet Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin, who embody the third hero duo. Jake is a pompous Beefcake, who would surely come more often in trouble if he wasn’t retained by his talented partner. The most remarkable character, and thus the most exciting scenario manifest itself in the person of Ada. Actually, she is on friendly terms with all the other characters. But as it turns out, a mysterious doppelganger plays a cunning game that you have to deal with for better or for worse...


The secret recipe for the success of the series is known already from Resident Evil 4 HD and Resident Evil 5: A threatening atmosphere, tense nerves and shocking moments paired with fast battles against rampaging hordes of zombies are producing this creepy charm, you do not find anywhere else. The unique feature of Resident Evil 6 lies behind the fact that you are going through a total of 4 different story-lines, which will condense into a coherent story much later. The constant changes between the different scenarios provide the right amount of variety and a tremendous tension. These include many moments, which make you think about the mysterious connection between the single scenarios! The characters of Resident Evil 6 - as can easily be seen - are extremely diverse and it really pays off, since the tasks, puzzles and especially the fights against the zombies generate no less variety, indeed. Leon and Helena, for example, come into a gun shop that is attacked by what felt like a thousand zombies. But the scenery is working, because that Arsenal should be sufficient to send all the mutants back to hell. In another scene, you have to clean an entire high-rise and you laboriously shoot your way through all floors. A special highlight is your visit to the cemetery: This scene indeed stages a threatening atmosphere, frayed nerves and shocking moments at its finest. But the survival horror of Resident Evil 6 is looming over the other three scenarios as well. Chris Redfield and his colleagues Piers Nivans have to - more than once - deal with so many enemies, that they are running out of ammunition. Then you change over to fight in melee and tear the zombies apart. If you have once detected the weaknesses of the different zombie-types and perform evasive manoeuvres, the mutants will fall like flies. But even skilful saltos can’t help Jake and Sherry when they encounter the most powerful Ustanak. This is actually an almost invincible enemy, for whom you certainly have to take several shots to wrestle him down. After that, you eventually have to solve the many puzzles that curtain the strange Ada like a dense fog, at least in times she does not fire at zombies, by utilizing her crossbow! Resident Evil 6 merges - like no game before - survival horror and action and combines it with a variety of missions, tasks and a gripping story. Thus, it provides a stunning impression, which seems to endure forever. If Resident Evil 6 were a painting, it would feature the same expressivity than the Mona Lisa!


For some, the highest art is to blow off as many zombies as possible. Our Cheats can do! Including the help of the MegaTrainer, you not only increase your skill points, but you get infinite ammo, endurance, healing potions and oxygen. Eventually you get the Godmode, which empower you to send even the last zombie to kingdom come. You see: Even the Resident Evil 6 Trainer can be regarded as an masterpiece.


  • A variety of missions and tasks
  • Gripping story on several levels
  • Unique melee manoeuvres
  • Unseen twists and turns
  • Interesting characters
  • Atmospheric Graphics
  • Action-packed combats
  • Cunning puzzles

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