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01.05.2012 • 7 Codes

Resident Evil – Revelations: Back to the Roots

Having only few weapons, insufficient ammunition and sometimes even no weapons - that's simply a part of Resident Evil - Revelations. How else could it fabricate this bad-ass survival horror video game atmosphere? Going back to the roots of the games series has delighted its fans across the board. Only once in a blue moon people do volunteer in wetting their pants! And if you like: You can activate the cheats of our latest MegaTrainer for extra ammo, grenades and health whenever you want!
Game Profile
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom, Tose
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Resident Evil - Revelations Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Unlimited ammo
As long as this cheat is active, you'll have unlimited amount of ammo for your weapons.
Unlimited grenades
By this cheat your amount of grenade won't be decreased when you throw them.
Unlimited heal-portions
With this cheat you've unlimited heal-potions/medikits and can heal yourself as often you like.
10 million BP points
By this cheat you'll get 10 million BP-points for shop in the arcade-mode.
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
No reload
With this cheat your ammo in clip won't decreased, so you don't need to reload at any time.
Hereby you kill enemies with one single hit.

Special Hint

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  • All cheats work for the human player only.



The events takes place between the storylines of Resident Evil 4 HD and Resident Evil 5. Therefore, the characters are pretty well known. You jump into the role of Jill Valentine. Initially you examine strange-looking dead body parts that were washed ashore. But before you even realize it, you already find yourself on a luxury liner that will teach you the meaning of fear. Once there, you're off on a tremendous search for your ex-boyfriend and veteran of this game series Chris Redfield. The engrossing story that gradually opens up before your eyes and the motivating Cliff-hangers are extremely well staged. In addition the elaborately animated cut scenes stir up the mood of this unique scenario!


Even if Resident Evil - Revelations has recently found his worthy successor in Resident Evil - Revelations 2, this does not hide the fact that Resident Evil - Revelations still stands on the winner's podium when it comes to survival horror games, and always will be! Not least because its direct predecessor, Resident Evil 6, puts much emphasis on action-packed battles, whereas Resident Evil - Revelations can brag about its return to its roots. Thus it totally focuses on the strengths of a pure survival horror game. This does not mean that there won’t be the one or another shooting scene. But, in all the scenes in which you have to immerse, you run for your life and in which you sneak around very cautious, just not to end as a zombie fodder, Resident Evil - Revelations clearly demonstrates what it feels like to experience an icy shiver running down the spine. The epic story of this survival horror is all about that! The truly well-chosen venue provides a dense and fearful atmosphere. Mysterious noises and shadows in connection with the narrowness of the ship's belly increase the anxiety even more - even before the first mutant shows up. The mutations of the zombies fit in the setting of Resident Evil - Revelations very well, especially since they look like genetically modified sea creatures. However, your biggest problem is not the devilish look of your opponents, but your constant lack of ammunition. This will force you to follow a few basic rules, whenever you're ready to take up the fight against the disgusting zombies: First, you must reveal their vulnerabilities. Second, you have to take your time to aim accurately. Third, whenever it is possible, you must evade the open confrontation. These are 3 important rules of survival! In order to make any process, playing Resident Evil - Revelations, one has to solve the many tricky puzzles that the “master of all horror games” provides. Variety is not the problem. As the game progresses, you will also be able to play with Chris Redfield and his partner Jessica. This allows you, to learn about the weaknesses and advantages of 4 characters. However, it doesn’t matter what zombie slayer you control, you always have to look for vital ammunition packs and medicinal herbs. In addition, there are a lot of components all over the levels, with which you'll upgrade your weapons like it is typical for this genre. Your arsenal includes the usual handguns, such as pistol, shotgun and rocket launcher... A significant expansion of your weaponry, takes place in the critically acclaimed raid-mode, in which you meet the challenge to fight against hordes of mutants - alone or with a partner!


Use our Cheats, turn the tables and you turn the game for the zombies into a naked fight for survival! Thanks to the Mega Trainer, you get infinite ammo, a permanently loaded magazine, as many potions and even infinite grenades. Everything, which wasn’t blasted, and everything, which still can stand, will be torn apart, since you finally get the One-Hit-Kill and the Godmode. That’s the way, the Resident Evil - Revelations Trainer guarantees dry pants!


  • Return to the classic survival horror
  • Convincing by the bank setting
  • Action-packed raid-modus
  • 4 unique characters
  • Motivating cliff-hangers
  • Creepy atmosphere
  • Varied level design
  • Great graphics

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