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01.05.2012 • 10 Codes

Renowned Explorer - International Society: There is no master plan!

In the video-game Renowned Explorers - International Society you choose from a wealth of different characters and lead a group of brave explorers towards wolves, smugglers and much worse dangers! The entire development of the story of Renowned Explorer - International Society will all depend on your personal attitude and your strategies!
Game Profile
Publisher: Abbey Games
Developer: Abbey Games
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Renowned Explorers - International Society Cheats

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Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
Set Supplies to 99
These cheat will inscrease the supplies and the resolve of your characters at will!
Set Resolve to 99
These cheat will inscrease the supplies and the resolve of your characters at will!
+500 Gold
These cheats will increase your gold, status, research and insight!
+500 Status
These cheats will increase your gold, status, research and insight!
+500 Research
These cheats will increase your gold, status, research and insight!
+500 Insight
These cheats will increase your gold, status, research and insight!
Set Unit spirit to 1
This makes you influence the spirit in your units!
Set Unit spirit to 999
This makes you influence the spirit in your units!
Set available unit moves to 99
This cheat provides your units with extra movement!

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Renowned Explorer - International Society is a unique strategy adventure that will take you into a fictional world of the 19th century. The game-play of this brilliant adventure is truly special: Your sense of sentiments and tactics will really be put to the test. The most special feature of this game: It was deliberately designed so that you should play through it several times! All walkthroughs that you will pursue in this game will each promote new characters, tell unique stories, create special environments and thus increase your knowledge of the gigantic cosmos of Renowned Explorer - International Society.


Renowned Explorer - International Society that appeared on Steam in 2015 presents a veritable wealth of landmark decisions. The great diversity was praised beyond measure in all reviews immediately after the release. The trailer has already indicated it: At the beginning you have to assemble a crew with which you want to deal with the adventures of this grandiose spectacle. The individual characters belong to 4 different groups: scientist, scout, fighter and speaker. Now you have to select a leader and followers from these four classes. The individual protagonists differ particularly in their characteristic dispositions. All individuals are distinguished by friendly, devious or aggressive attitudes. Some of your heroes are even able to switch between different behaviors and attitudes. The attitude of your characters, as well as of the opponents, form a mainstay of this wonderful game! If your enemy behaves nice, you will take advantage of his weakness by acting very aggressively. If they display an incredible deviousness, you might outwit them with niceness. The situation, of course, is different when your opponent behaves aggressively. Then you may act most devious and deceive them with every trick in the book. You can watch some examples in videos on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter that were posted by several users. The sentiments that your favorite fictional heroes display also affect their behavior in combat extremely strongly: Every enemy in Renowned Explorer - International Society that you can wrestle down eventually improves the abilities of your characters. This unique strategy game was released in 2015 for the Xbox, Wii, PS3 and PS4. But playing it on the PC is definitely the most fun! The mechanisms of this game can be handled much better with your mouse and keyboard than with any controllers of the Xbox or the Wii! Basically, you click your way through the miraculous in-game world of Renowned Explorer - International Society and let yourself be inspired by the many diverse events. This newcomer of 2015 refreshes the whole genre. The great action is just unique. The entire game world is full of treasures that have to be discovered. Whether you have to fight for them depends on the decisions that you make against your fellow men. In general you are always in search of gold, status and research upgrades. The gold is urgently need to buy vital supplies. If your warriors starve from hunger, their combat effectiveness is weakened tremendously! If you raise your status, you might acquire new entourage. The upgrades naturally increase your aggressive, devious and friendly skills. This provides you with far-reaching opportunities to progress in the game. But no matter what you do, the very best is: There is no master plan!


You know the policy of MegaDev: We always have cheat codes for free! But it would be better if you acquire all the codes that we offer! Therefore: Download the MegaTrainer now and you'll get as much gold, supplies, status and research upgrades as you could wish for. In addition, our other Renowned Explorer - International Society cheats will rise the morale in your group and make it possible that your heroes can move arbitrarily far! This makes the hearts of every user leap for a joy! We certainly have not promised too much: The Renowned Explorer - International Society Trainer presents a genius master plan that gets every job done!


  • One-off characters, miraculous stories and special environments
  • Amazing variety in an unprecedented cosmos full of options
  • Fights against wolves, smugglers and even worse dangers
  • Stunning abundance of landmark decisions
  • Gorgeous graphics, atmospheric sounds
  • Fictional world of the 19th century
  • Pronounced laudable reviews
  • Great Steam Achievements

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