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Real Boxing: All that Boxing needs!

Real Boxing totally lives up to its name! This boxing extravaganza stages relentless fights that could not export more explosive action. The players of Real Boxing experience a multifaceted career mode, in which they fight for 3 different titles and belts. All opponents enter the arena with individual fighting styles and tactics. That's why each fight for the belt becomes an unique experience.
Game Profile
Publisher: Vivid Games S.A.
Developer: Vivid Games
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Real Boxing Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
Infinite stamina
These Cheats provide your Boxer with an infinitely-long stamina and a permanent full life energy!
Infinite health
These Cheats provide your Boxer with an infinitely-long stamina and a permanent full life energy!
No AI stamina
These cheats reduce the strength, stamina and fighting skills of your opponents!
Cheap upgrade
The upgrade cheat works only in the Gym! The procedure is something special: First, you must raise the skills (percentage!!) of your fighter. Then you activate the cheat! Afterwards you buy the selected upgrade for 1 monetary unit instead of the normal costs.
But be careful: You can see the effect not until the purchase was completed. This means: You have to possess the appropriate amount of money in the first place, in order to level up your fighter. This cheat must be reactivated for each new level-up!
Decrease AI health
The Cheat for the KI-life energy has only a short effect after it was activated. A permanent use could cause bugs. You should use it during every fight only once!

Special Hint

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The player fights with several blows, which primarily consist of hooks, jabs and uppercuts. The behavior is modeled on the conditions of the real sport. In other words: The boxers fight extremely realistic. Thus they can blow only a few punches in a row, since their stamina is limited. Similar to the real boxing sport, the blocking of the opponent plays a major role. Real Boxing turns out to be tremendously realistic: The training, the improvements and the fights run challenging and motivating at once. That's all that boxing needs! You have some pretty nice ideas about the way, a professional boxer has to look like? Here it comes: Regarding your character, you can act like crazy, concerning the game Real Boxing. After you've chosen one of over 20 fighters, you have plenty modifications available. You choose which gloves, pants and shoes your future champion has to wear during his fights. In addition, you give your fighters the right haircut and - if wanted - a matching beard! Afterwards, you might paint his body with some fearsome tattoos! Just where? On the shoulder, on the arms, on the back or rather on the legs? You see: You've got pretty much a free choice, concerning the way your boxer should look like. Unfortunately the same freedom does not apply to the fighting skills of your champion. Anyone who wants to improve the attack and defense techniques of his boxer, has to fight at all costs!


But that's simply the reason why you're here: You step into the ring of the Roosters' Tournament. Later that will be followed by the Night of the Champions and Legends Boxing! Speaking of the major titles, your Boxer is still too weak at this precise moment! Yet another reason to finally enter the arena! Here we go with the first round, which is just announced by the scantily clad showgirl: Slowly you are approaching your opponent. Let's see what kind of boxer he is. Thus you perform one or two targeted punches directly at his head. Hmm, his coverage seems to be good. Now you hit three times in a row, in order to break his coverage. And boom! This uppercut was perfect. But beware: Now your stamina is low and your blows weak. Therefore, you go off to the cover. You block the enemy until you have regained your strength. After a few attacks that were fended off by your champion, your opponent is tired and you run a merciless counter-attack. A jab, a hook and now with full force: your fist thunders against the enemy's chin, his mouth guard says goodbye and he falls to the ground. 1, 2, 3, 4, …... He gets up again. It is not that simple. Real Boxing is based on a realistic combat behavior. Indeed, the stamina is used up only after a few punches. But it fills up very quickly again, at least if you stay in cover. Each fighter pursues its very own strategy. And precisely herein lies the great attraction of Real Boxing. You have to get to know your enemy during the battle, to understand his strategy and wear him down slowly. Only then a win by points or even by knockout becomes possible. Boxing is not street-fighter: patience, tenacity and tactics achieve the victory. Of course, also the fighting skills of your boxer decide about the outcome of each fight. Therefore, you have to go to the gym regularly and train your Boxer with the skipping rope, punching bag and speed ball. Thus you improve his skills and bring him back to perfect shape. The skills like strength, stamina and speed can also be purchased. However, you can only earn money, if you win incredibly many battles of Real Boxing: Well, what are you waiting for? Take up the fight now!


Well, by using the Cheats of our MegaTrainer, nobody might be able to challenge you in the arena anymore. Only with us, your Boxer gets infinite endurance and vitality. This opens up entirely new tactical abilities for your boxer, especially since you can punch more often in a row now. We also enable you to reduce the life energy and stamina of your opponents at will. Thus your opponents get down by knockout even faster than you can imagine! But the best part is: The MegaTrainer reduces the costs of any upgrade for your fighting-skills down to an absolute minimum. In terms of strength, endurance and speed your boxer will soon reach 100%. Now it gets perfectly clear: The Real Boxing Trainer makes you become the undisputed champion of all classes!


  • Great improvement of the skills of your own boxer
  • Extensive modifications of the appearance
  • Individual fighting styles for all 20 pros
  • Hooks, jabs, uppercuts and even more
  • Action-packed battles, fast and brutal
  • Contest for 3 titles and belts
  • Find your own tactics
  • Stunning graphics

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