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01.05.2012 • 5 Codes

Raiden IV - Overkill: Caution: Highly addictive!

The newcomer Raiden IV - Overkill seems to outdo this knock-on effect anew. This impressive shoot 'em up presents a multitude of innovative weapons, brand new fighter jets and swarms of enemy fighters: It is a genuine thriller! If you want to gain further aids, then our exclusive Raiden IV - Overkill cheats will provide you with an infinite number of bombs and rapid fire.
Game Profile
Publisher: H2 Interactive
Developer: Moss
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Raiden IV - OverKill Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Score +50.000
Activate this cheat and your available points will be increased immediately to the given value.
Infinite bombs
These cheats increase the number of your bombs, lives and points according to the displayed value!
Infinite lives
These cheats increase the number of your bombs, lives and points according to the displayed value!
Rapid fire
This enhances the player to fire off missiles (etc.) without any pause/delay!
Infinite invulnerable time
The invulnerable time must be activated while the protective shield is activ just after the level start or respawn... By this Cheat the effect will last indefinitely long, rather than just a few seconds! This is quasi a kind of Godmode!

Special Hint

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The classic shoot 'em up Raiden III Digital Edition has cast a spell over us and surprised us very positively in many respects. In addition, Raiden IV - Overkill includes brand-new game modes that carry the simple but ingenious gameplay to extremes. After you have chosen one of three flying destroyers you slide through the abstractly designed levels and shoot like there was no tomorrow-from bird's eye perspective of course! Especially the new 3D look of Raiden IV - Overkill ensures lush environments and devastating explosions that make you want more immediately!
Raiden IV - Overkill can be considered a brilliant action game that was originally developed for old arcade machines. Of course, this new version for your PC was graphically upgraded and now shines due to numerous innovations. The name of the game unmistakably refers to one of the many game modes, the overkill! This firework of action is no longer about achieving quick kills. This game mode adds a previously unknown tactical touch to the gameplay: Every time you eliminate a larger opponent its wreck remains on the screen for some time. Even if the metal scrap may block your way, it also provides you with special rewards every time you shoot against the wreck anew. For every hunter that absolutely wants to receive the ultimate high score, this game element is a welcome innovation that includes many extra surprises!


One way or the other Raiden IV - Overkill provides a lot of variety: Arcade mode, Additional, Boss Rush, Score Attack, online leader boards, co-op mode and a total of eight levels of difficulty make this game a masterpiece of performance and entertainment! During all modes you may basically choose from three fighters: Two of these fighters are actually jets, the third fighter is a fairy! All three characters come up with different shot types and speeds. Many of the destroyed enemies leave important upgrades behind that upgrade your weapons with much more power. Your respective main weapon can be transformed to a dreadful scattershot-weapon, to a deadly laser cannon or even to a homing plasma cannon! In addition, your fighters permanently strike with missiles whose frequency can also be increased! In order to master even hopeless situations you have got several bombs that make short work of all enemies. However, the number of the so-called smart-bombs is very limited! And you should never forget to save some of those for the bosses! The bosses of Raiden IV - Overkill are not easy to crack! During the fights against the big boys you really have to prove that you have mastered the control up to the hilt. Nevertheless, the struggles against the bosses are impressively staged and they make a lot of fun! The 7 lovingly designed levels provide a lot of variety, too. Especially when you play through them by enabling different levels of difficulty! It is truly amazing how much you can improve your skills by playing this game more often! The graphics of Raiden IV - Overkill may look a little bit old but that is just why it seems so authentic and why it pours this incomparable charm. You can say what you want about Raiden IV - Overkill: This game is highly addictive!


Oh yeah! Our MegaTrainer gives you infinite lives, thus you can enter the battles as often as you want! As you already know: After each level-start or respawn, your fighter gets invulnerable for a few seconds. One of our cheats maximizes this time so far that you remain immortal all the time! If you want to gain further aids, then our other Raiden IV - Overkill cheats will provide you with an infinite number of bombs and the quick-fire. The latter application increases the firepower of your jets immeasurably. By now your missiles will be fired continuously and no longer in salvos! As mentioned above: The Raiden IV - Overkill Trainer comes up with an extremely high potential for destruction!


  • Lush environments and devastating explosions all thanks to the new 3D-look
  • Multitude of innovative weapons, each with powerful upgrades
  • Swarms of enemy fighters and drones
  • Authentic and charming graphics
  • Impressive shoot 'em up game
  • 7 lovingly designed levels
  • Innovative jets and a fairy
  • Brand new game modes

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