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Raiden III Digital Edition: The glorious world of shoot 'em ups!

Raiden III Digital Edition is a classic shoot 'em up that was originally produced for arcade machines from gambling halls. But now the brilliant action spectacle conquers the screen of your PC – of course in a completely new style! The gameplay of Raiden III Digital Edition is simple but ingenious: From bird's eye perspective you control a fighter jet and destroy myriads of enemy flying objects and ground targets.
Game Profile
Publisher: H2 Interactive
Developer: Moss
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Raiden III Digital Edition Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Score +50.000
Activate this cheat and your available points will be increased immediately to the given value.
Infinite bombs
These cheats increase the number of your bombs, lives and points according to the displayed value!
Infinite lives
These cheats increase the number of your bombs, lives and points according to the displayed value!
Rapid fire
This enhances the player to fire off missiles (etc.) without any pause/delay!
Infinite invulnerable time
The invulnerable time must be activated while the protective shield is activ just after the level start or respawn... By this Cheat the effect will last indefinitely long, rather than just a few seconds! This is quasi a kind of Godmode!

Special Hint

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While you take up this deadly fight in past-scrolling landscapes, Raiden III Digital Edition sends you through 7 unique levels that will carry you from the earth up into the vastness of space. The new 3D-scrolling system and the many different game modes also contribute to a very challenging, pleasant and varied gameplay. This unique arcade classic even features a co-op mode that allows you to accomplish all missions by teamwork. But let’s take a closer look to the particularities of Raiden III Digital Edition: The said genre does not seem to lose its incorruptible charm! The gameplay turns out to be surprisingly varied and sophisticated, but it remains consistently entertaining! This is especially due to the epochal innovation called 3D scrolling system: The fact that the direction of movement of the background is changing and that you may move your fighter vertically, horizontally, into the depth and height, provides this game with an incredible dynamism. Furthermore, your enemies have an enormous firepower. Of course your fighter is in no way inferior to them – quite the opposite! But you really have to stay on your toes and to keep your fighter in motion all the time! You don’t want to be brutally hit, do you?!


Nobody wants to be hit hard! It obviously makes a lot more fun to blow up your enemies instead! The explosions and all the other effects are staged extremely impressive and thus create a convivial atmosphere. Shooting down your enemies is not just a feast for the eyes! It is also helpful because their wrecks often leave useful upgrades and sensational special weapons behind. The many super-weapons empower your fighter to shoot with a larger and more effective radius. In addition, Raiden III Digital Edition offers several highly destructive laser cannons. During hopeless situations it might be recommended to use your special bombs, but beware: These explosive tornadoes are very limited. But ever since the attacking enemies do primarily consist of aircraft associations or armoured brigades you will have to use an area-wide bombing manoeuvre from time to time! The bosses can withstand a lot of trouble and they have an enormous fire capacity. Nevertheless the boss battles are very exciting: The levels may all be quite easily to pass through, but the bosses are a bit different to cope with: You will really have to prove that you are able to master the control mechanisms of Raiden III Digital Edition blindfolded! It's worth it: The explosions of the bosses are staged particularly impressive. When there is so much chaos it certainly won’t hurt to reach out for extra help. Regardless of whether you're playing with a friend or you go with the AI, the co-op mode of Raiden III Digital Edition really represents an achievement that is very worthwhile to play! The two-player game mode provides this insane hail of bullets with a very special dynamism! But however that may be, one thing is certain: Raiden III Digital Edition offers an imposing insight into the glorious world of shoot 'em ups!


Nothing easier than that! Our MegaTrainer provides you with an endless number of lives. If that's not enough, then you can take care of our other unique Raiden III Digital Edition cheats that supply you with an infinite number of bombs and the so-called quick-fire. This empowers you to fire your rockets continuously and no longer by solves! Thus, the impact of your fighters will be increased tremendously! But that is not the end. As you probably know: After each level start or respawn your fighter is invulnerable for a few seconds. One of our cheats increases this time in a way that makes you practically remain invulnerable all the time! Therefore it is clear: The Raiden III Digital Edition Trainer makes you conquer the world of this brilliant shoot 'em up without a wasting any time!


  • 7 unique levels from the earth to the far reaches of the universe
  • Myriads of enemy flying objects and ground targets
  • Entertaining, challenging and varied gameplay
  • Originally made only for arcade machines
  • Dynamic and entertaining co-op mode
  • Extremely massive staged explosions
  • Innovative 3D-scrolling system
  • Classic shoot 'em up game
  • Atmospheric graphics

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