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07.10.2016 • 8 Codes
Game Profile
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Developer: Remedy Entertainment
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Quantum Break Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite ammo
Provides you with unlimited ammo!
No reload
The "no reload"-cheat allows you to shoot without decreasing your clip-ammo. But as long as you still have overall-ammo, this will be decreased until you only have ammo in clip. To prevent this you can activate the normal ammo-cheat in addition.
Better accuracy
This codes increases your weapon accuracy!
No skill cooldown
These cheats remove any waiting time for the specified actions.
No recoil
No more weapon recoil and/or spread.
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
Unlimited skill usage
These codes increase these resources/attributes up to an infinite value!
Ignore chronon source
From now on all status effects will be ignored!

Special Hint

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Quantum Break: Time-bending fun!

The 2016 released third-person-action-game Quantum Break from Remedy Entertainment is set in a world where time itself has been destroyed. Your mission as Jack Joyce, who has the ability to manipulate time, is to fix time before it tears itself apart and becomes irreparable. With the help of our 2016 MegaTrainer none of your enemies will stand the test of time!


The story of the video-game Quantum Break is told through in-game cutscenes and integrated episodes of a live-action TV show. You play as Jack Joyce, who has agreed to help out his old friend Paul Serene with a demonstration at the university. Serene and Joyce are the two protagonists of Quantum Break’s story. Paul Serene is portrayed by Aidan Gillen, who is probably best known for his roles on HBO’s Game of Thrones and HBO’s The Wire. Shawn Ashmore, known for his role in the X-Men movies, is Jack Joyce. Serene has been expanding the physics works of William Joyce, Jack’s estranged brother, played by Dominic Monaghan, known for The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
The two of them built a time machine and its activation is the reason for the invitation you get from Paul Serene. Together with Paul you activate the machine and like always something goes terribly wrong. William shows up out of nowhere and tries to stop the activation by yelling at the two of you that “time will break”. The machine becomes unstable and with it you and Paul get doused in radiation, giving both of you time-based and time-manipulation powers. Serene is the founder of the corporation Monarch Solutions. Its soldiers are Joyce’s prime enemies throughout the game. The face and CEO of Monarch Solutions is Martin Hatch, portrayed by Lance Reddick, famously known for his portrayal of Cedric Daniels on HBO’s The Wire. The rules of the story stress that one can only move between machines located at different times. Therefore, it is impossible for you to just travel back before the first activation of the machine and its power core.
As you progress through the story, your main objective becomes survival and to fix time so everything can go back to normal. Are you ready for Quantum Break?


Quantum Break is a traditional third-person action-game. Your powers to manipulate time is what sets it apart from other action games. Remedy knows how to deliver fast-paced action, they showed it in games like Max Payne and Max Payne 2. With Alan Wake they showed their ability to tell an immersive and amazing story. Quantum Break gives you the ability to freeze time around enemies in combat, called “Time Stop”. The ‘time-bubble’ will burst after a few seconds, but all the bullets you have fired will combine their powers and become a devastating attack. With “Time Rush” you have the ability to quickly dash between cover to confuse unaware enemies and you can also unleash devastating melee attacks with it. Furthermore, you can freeze enemies with an attack called “Time Blast”.
Alongside these offensive tactics, you can also apply defensive time abilities. With “Time Shield” all incoming damage will be reflected for a short period of time. “Time-Doge” allows you to dash super quickly to avoid damage and enemies. All these manipulation powers have a short cooldown period before they can be used again.
“Time Vision” can be used to highlight enemies and interactive objectives in the gaming world and with “Time Echoes” you can replay past events to learn more about the characters and the story of Quantum Break.
In addition to all these special attacks, Quantum Break offers a wide variety of firearms that can be used to destroy your foes. The game offers four different categories of firearms:
carbines, shotguns, pistols and assault rifles.
The same variety has also been applied to all the different enemies. Alongside regular soldiers you will also encounter heavily armed Juggernauts and so-called Strikes. Strikes wear special suits that allow them to manipulate time. Not to the same degree as you, but it can still be devastating. All these enemies have different behaviors and with it Quantum Break guarantees that its gun-play is never boring or repetitive. Quantum Break asks you to make some tough decisions that will impact the game and its story. Get ready for a time-bending experience!


The time abilities of Quantum Break are very impressive, but not as impressive as our newly released MegaTrainer from 2016. With its help you can activate a variety of cheats for Quantum Break. These Quantum Break Cheats give you unlimited ammo and unlimited skill use, meaning there is no longer a cooldown phase for all your awesome time manipulation powers. If you want to take it up a notch, you can enable better accuracy and no recoil for all your weapons and godmode in the Quantum Break Trainer. With all these codes activated no one will be able to stop you!


  • Newest blockbuster from the Studio of Max Payne and Alan Wake
  • Live-Action TV show segments that move along the plot
  • One of a kind time manipulation abilities
  • Immersive and impressive storyline
  • 42 unique Steam-Achievements
  • Amazing cast of actors
  • Beautiful graphics


The third-person-action-game Quantum Break was released in April 2016 for Xbox One and Windows 10. The PC version suffered from a lot of technical difficulties on the Windows Store. In September 2016 it was also released on Steam, the biggest platform for PC games, with DirectX11 support making it available to a bigger audience of PC gamers. Most of the technical glitches and bugs are gone in the Steam version, making it the perfect platform to experience Quantum Break.

Quantum Break Board

This board is for Quantum Break. Use this platform to discuss positive and negative aspects of the game. If you have a problem with our trainer or a cheat, please check our FAQ or open a Support.
  • captain4wes0me
  • team Member
26.11.2018 17:23
Added a store version can you try it :)?
  • captain4wes0me
  • team Member
24.11.2018 09:45
24.11.2018 02:17
Did you guys get it??
Yes - will check it out on Monday.
  • NexusPrimal
  • gold Member
24.11.2018 02:17
Did you guys get it??
  • captain4wes0me
  • team Member
20.11.2018 10:13
20.11.2018 07:14
Can we get this for MS-Store?
I have enabled auto-scan for Quantum Break :)
  • NexusPrimal
  • gold Member
20.11.2018 07:14
Can we get this for MS-Store?
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