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Quake 4: Precision or death!

Quake 4 - like Unreal Tournament 3 - is probably one of the most famous first-person shooters, who enjoy worldwide popularity. And rightly so! Quake 4 presents bombastic weapons, hard-hitting action, kinky opponents, an extensive multi-player and a very nice graphics. But the fast and action-packed multi-player battles in arena-style are not the only thing that Quake 4 provides very excellent.
Game Profile
Publisher: Activision
Developer: id Software
Release Year: 2005
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

Quake 4 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite ammo
Provides you with unlimited ammo!
No reload
Activate this cheat and you don't have to reload anymore.
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
Infinite armor
The cheat sets your armor on the maximum and freezes it.

Special Hint

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  • All Quake 4 cheats work for the human player only.



The single player campaign guides the player through an obscure game world that is full of ruthless beasts and striking battles. The story of Quake 4 tells about the apocalypse of humanity, which is driven by a powerful alien army. The player therefore equips himself with modern war and weapons technology, in order to stop this madness. Thus he gets proper assistance by various vehicles and elite marines. Only together the struggle against the vile Stroggs can be taken to a good ending. However, the world already seems lost...
The world of Quake 4 is bizarre and cruel. You can no longer tell whether the beings that inhabit this world are machines or whether they are still made of flesh and blood. In these times the usual limits are superimposed upon each other and thus new species are crawling out from the darkest depths of the imaginable. No wonder that the protagonist and hero of the first-person shooter Quake 4, Matthew Kane, is an uncompromising type that's going tough. But that harmonizes perfectly with the game mechanics that mainly provide hardcore action at its best. At the beginning of the events, the Strogg aliens are currently on the decline. The human people start a final major offensive to wipe out the aliens for once and for all. But the plan fails...


The central communication unit of the aliens could not be destroyed. Making matters worse, the protagonist Matthew gets into the hands of the Strogg, which immediately run a brutal brainwash on him. The aliens from Quake 4 want to turn the soldier into one of their own kind. Thankfully his allies manage to rescue him at the very last minute. Since this incident, Matthew is no longer the same. The Strogg have installed unusual implants in his body. Nevertheless the alien operations don’t seem to have changed his mind and attitude. Quite the contrary: The soldier runs faster and jumps higher than ever before. No wonder then that Mathew is in charge to lead all further missions against the Strogg! The mission design of Quake 4 does not lack the desired diversity. One time you run through corridors, conquer large halls, use elevators or control the mysterious Strogg applications. In other scenarios, you fly with a monorail through canyons, shoot with giant guns or drive a destructive tank through dark streets...
Although the protagonist may not be very talkative, but he can at least let his weapons talk. Even though you destroy your first alien only with a simple blaster, you will soon receive an assault rifle that is without equal. Later all the special guns are added, which you already know from previous Quake games: The Nail- and Railgun, shotgun, rocket launcher, and the so-called Dark Matter Gun. The latter one shoots unusually slow projectiles, though. But when its bullet hits an enemy body, it has an enormous impact as a result. Therefore, the Dark Matter Gun is highly recommended to kill off sluggish bosses. The ordinary Strogg aliens, however, are a little too fast. These creatures are better blown off by using the nail-, rail- or the shotgun. In fact, many of your opponents are extremely nimble mutants that also fire very precisely. But that's the beauty of Quake 4: You just have to be nimble and a very good shooter as well: Precision or death is the rule of thumb!


No matter how you look at it: By using the MegaTrainer, the killing of the aliens will become easier and more accurate. First, our cheats provide your soldiers with infinite shields and armor, in order to make sure that the beasts will have it quite difficult to land a hit. In addition, you will receive infinite ammunition and a permanently full magazine, so you can fire rounds ‘til kingdom come. Finally, your brutal hero receives the Godmode. Now you’ve got enough time to aim at your enemies and strike every single mutant down with headshots. As it said before: The Quake 4 Trainer gives you the unique opportunity to kill off any enemy efficiently and precisely! This is going to be great!


  • Great arsenal of powerful and great firearms
  • Challenging and nimble AI with precise fire
  • Accompanied by an elite squad of marines
  • Bizarre story about an alien apocalypse
  • Unexpected varied mission design
  • Hardcore action and great effects
  • Extensive multi-player
  • Great graphics

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