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21.06.2016 • 5 Codes

Pro Cycling Manager 2016: Several new features and over 200 exciting cycling events!

Year after year the Tour de France is coming again! Ever since the release in June 2016 the sports video game Pro Cycling Manager 2016 invites you to participate in the cycling season 2016 – including many new features and over 200 exciting cycling events that all take place around the globe! That's exactly why the cheats of our MegaTrainers will eventually make sure that all your athletes will have full stamina, a perfect pulse and no need for water. The yellow jersey is yours already!
Game Profile
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Developer: Cyanide Studio
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

Pro Cycling Manager 2016 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
The prepare for cheats highlights the cyclists of your team during the race and thus has to be activated first!
It may take a while, until all riders get highlighted by the prepare for cheats.
Optimal pulse
Stabilizes the pulse of your riders!
Full stamina in hall races
With this cheat your stamina will always be maximum.
Ultimate team
By using the Cheat for the ultimate team, all of your cyclists are provided with a perfect endurance, a stable pulse and with no need for water. This empowers your riders to sprint through the entire race!
Perfect cyclist(s): Time-challenges
By using the Cheat for the ultimate team, all of your cyclists are provided with a perfect endurance, a stable pulse and with no need for water. This empowers your riders to sprint through the entire race!

Special Hint

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Of course: the video game Pro Cycling Manager 2016 is the direct successor to Pro Cycling Manager 2015! Your field of activity is enormous in both games and includes various tasks: the recruitment of new drivers, negotiation of lucrative contracts with sponsors and athletes, administration of finances, organization of trainings and, of course, the management of all races offer more than just a wide range of challenges. Especially during the races you are required to carry the performance of your athletes and your entire team to extremes. Only the right decisions at the right time will catapult you near the finishing line!
The Tour de France and La Vuelta are only the most famous among countless eventful events that will be kept in good memory! The absolute highlight of Pro Cycling Manager 2016 is of course: the hunt for the yellow jersey during The Tour de France.
The most famous cycling races worldwide are set in scene very authentic and to the very last detail! You can survey the entire field of drivers with more than 200 athletes participating. The passing landscapes are modeled very faithful to their originals. The many spectators on the edges of the roads generate a very successful atmosphere by their cheers and acclamations. But you may not get distracted by that because your drivers will need your full attention, especially if you want to keep the yellow jersey in sight!


Suffice is to say: the video game Pro Cycling Manager 2016 makes you become manager of a team of your choice! You are responsible for the coordination, which includes any contract negotiations, administrative work, training preparations and of course, any race itself. Especially during the races it will be necessary to make quick decisions in real time. First of all, you have to keep in mind the energy balance of your athletes and optimize it by targeted nutritional feedings.
The bottom line is: you have to use the forces of your athletes sparingly. Use sprints only if necessary. Drive in aerodynamic positions whenever possible and refresh the reserves in the slipstream of your team members.
An intelligent supply must be metered. Basically, you possess a blue gel and a red gel. Blue symbolizes your normal energy, red stands for your sprint power.
It will be crucial to give the appropriate commands at the very right moments. You decide who holds the position, who dares to pursue an attack and who takes the lead work! But be careful: each athlete pursues very own goals that have to correspond with his skills as well. That means: your commands and coordination must take into account not only the individual, basic condition but the daily condition of your drivers as well.
Therefore, this sensational simulation game Pro Cycling Manager 2016 offers an extremely authentic insight into the complex operations, processes and mechanisms of the global cycling cosmos! Thanks to a revised graphics, a new interface and a way smarter AI – that even takes into account the abilities and spontaneous actions of all drivers – this brand-new games-edition stands out its predecessor by far!


Wonderful! The codes of the latest MegaTrainer may come just in time! These exclusive Pro Cycling Manager 2016 cheats ensure that your athletes will have a constant low pulse, so that they can always maintain top performance. In addition, you will receive an ultimate team. That means no more and no less than: your athletes will be able to drive all future races with unlimited endurance, a perfect pulse and no need for water. And that means nothing more than: your team will be uncatchable and you'll win the yellow jersey resoundingly! Well, playing along with the latest Pro Cycling Manager 2016 Trainer just means that you have backed the very right horse!


  • Extremely authentic insight into the complexity of global cycling
  • Pronounced authentic staging of the entire cosmos
  • Over 200 exciting events all around the globe
  • Comprehensive online multiplayer mode
  • Decisions in real time during any race
  • Different challenges and tasks
  • Countless eventful events
  • Very successful atmosphere
  • Indeed intelligent AI
  • Wonderful graphics
  • New interface


The brand-new video game Pro Cycling Manager 2016 is superior to its prequel games in many ways. The online multiplayer mode alone stages incredible challenges around the world! This wonderful game experience is enriched by nerve-racking events, special rules, leaderboards and the cooperative mode. A detailed expert mode even allows you to experience differentiated interactions between you, your managers and your drivers. The totally redesigned career mode offers so many new missions and eventful challenges that one could almost become sick in the stomach! But only almost!

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