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Pro Cycling Manager 2014: Behind every Success there is an excellent Manager!

Who wants to deliver the ultimate proof for being an excellent manager, just has to play Pro Cycling Manager 2014. During the events of Pro Cycling Manager 2014, the player takes on the role of a team manager. Thus he has to choose one of 75 racing sports teams and to organize the participation in all competitions of the upcoming season 2014. The absolute highlight of the year of course is the Tour de France. But until then, it is a long ride: Regarding the MegaTrainer, all challenges are a breeze! Because by using our Cheats, all of your drivers will ride just perfect!
Game Profile
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Developer: Cyanide Studio
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Pro Cycling Manager 2014 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
The prepare for cheats highlights the cyclists of your team during the race and thus has to be activated first!
It may take a while, until all riders get highlighted by the prepare for cheats.
Optimal pulse
Stabilizes the pulse of your riders!
Ultimate team
By using the Cheat for the ultimate team, all of your cyclists are provided with a perfect endurance, a stable pulse and with no need for water. This empowers your riders to sprint through the entire race!

Special Hint

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  • All Pro Cycling Manager 2014 cheats work for the human team only.



This authentic simulation Pro Cycling Manager 2014 prompts the player to negotiate transfers, to obtain sponsorship contracts, to organize training camps and to arrange new contracts. While the races take place, the player directly interferes into the action and adjusts the right tactics to make sure his team will win the race. This management simulation is the favorite pastime for any fan of cycling… Even fresh pioneers of cycling can easily cope with the Pro Cycling Manager 2014 simulation. The extensive campaign explains exactly what has to be to organized at certain times. Finally, there are new tasks on a daily basis, which you can devote yourself to. There is hardly a day that goes by, on which no emails arrive at your desk. The electronic messages inform you about the training of your riders, about injuries of your athletes, negotiations with your sponsors, the conditions for participation, which concern the following race, and everything else. But let's go back to the beginning: First of all, you have to choose a team of three divisions: The Cya-World Tour, the Pro Continental and the Continental. Only the first two divisions will take part in the big races around the globe! Each team has genuine strengths and weaknesses, which are illustrated by a network diagram


Once you have made your selection, the events get rolling. The season of Pro Cycling Manager 2014 starts on 01 January 2014 and first of all, you need a sponsor. Without money nothing works! Thus you have to determine own goals that you want to achieve with your cycling team. While negotiating the contracts, you have to appoint the places, which your team is supposed to reach in various competitions. The closer you appoint your team to the podium, the more money you will get from your sponsor. However, you should never put the bar too high, because the more you disappoint your sponsor, the less likely will be a continuation of your contracts. The trust of the sponsor is an indicator of how successfully your team passes through the season! But in order to remain successful, you have to send your athletes to the training camp and determine individual aims for your drivers. Moreover, you should not hesitate to advance some money into research so that your team will have the best wheels available. And that's just a small fraction of the tasks that you have to accomplish, while impersonating a manager of Pro Cycling Manager 2014! Before you even know it, the first competition already takes place. You could simulate it though, but your chances of success will be much higher, if you run the race in real time. Now it is particularly important how well you implement the tactics of your team. During the race takes place, you can command each of your riders individually. Should your favorite hold the position or should he move on to the attack? Which of your racing professionals should take over the leadership at the decisive moments, in order to provide the group some advantage? The problem is: At the end of each race's, there are only a few seconds, which decide over the first places. Therefore it is particularly important to keep the energy reserves of your favorites at a constant level. Finally, the water resources and energy bars of your athletes are limited. In many situations, it is advisable to follow the specified pre-race strategy in the automatic mode! Nevertheless, you have to decide by yourself, when the time to run an attack has come. The tactic is determined by the manager only!


It goes without saying that every competition stages very own difficulties that have to be overcome somehow. Regarding the MegaTrainer, all challenges are a breeze! Because by using our Cheats, all of your drivers will ride with a low pulse. In this way, best performances can be achieved in every race. We have also prepared a Cheat for the ultimate team. As long as this cheat is active, all your cyclists will have full endurance, a perfect pulse and no need for water! This means that you can sprint so long, until your team remains beyond the enemy rider's search! Obviously, we have not promised too much: The Pro Cycling Manager 2014 Trainer actually wins every competition. Even the Tour de France is just a breeze for him!


  • Authentic simulation of the management of professional cycling
  • Interesting insight into the world of bike racing sports
  • Negotiations on sponsors and athletes
  • Development of more powerful bikes
  • Defining special racing tactics
  • Organizing training camps
  • About 200 competitions
  • Great graphics

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