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Prince of Persia - Warrior Within: Different and better

The action-adventure game Prince of Persia - Warrior Within is part of a brilliant game series that narrates the events around the sand of time! In order to prevent that the great power of this sand carries you off your feet we offer our MegaTrainer: Being equipped with the Godmode you do not only blow away your enemies but the sands of time by the same token...
Game Profile
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft
Release Year: 2004
Game Modes: Singleplayer

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The video game Prince of Persia - Warrior Within begins seven years after the events of Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time. The life of your protagonist has been very exciting so far and it will stay this way!
The Prince has returned to his native Babylon where he lived his whole life. There he discovers with horror that a supernatural creature called Dahaka seeks after his life. The young prince can't even dream of coping with the incredible forces of Dahaka. At least if he gives a damn shit about his life! Therefore he seeks the advice of an old vizier with mystical powers. This old man reveals him that his previous deeds in The Sands of Time have provoked an immortal incarnation of Fate - aka the Guardian of Time.
Now there is only one way for you: You have to go back in time and prevent opening up the sands of time and its dramatic consequences. Therefore, the lined Prince makes his way to a mysterious island. But things turn out differently than expected…
The immense drama and great spontaneity of the congenial story was rightly praised in numerous test videos and reviews of relevant news portals!


The said test videos and reviews of the most popular news portals have also spoken in high terms of the sensational gameplay and epochal mechanics of Prince of Persia - Warrior Within. This video game puts the focus more clearly on action elements than all previous games. This can easily be testified on the basis of the increased violence: There are rivers of blood and all opponents can be separated into their individual body pieces.
The revised and greatly expanded battle system called FreeForm Fighting system generates epic battles of superlatives. Being able to handle with two weapons opens up a variety of attack options and combos. The selection of swords is phenomenal: The curved Asman-Sword, the Zarich Sword and the long Haoma Sword represent only a small selection of a total of 18 unique blades. Step by step, sword by sword, upgrade by upgrade your prince will become stronger and more powerful. The gameplay is so enormous that it hardly needs to be improved!


The sand of time is tricky. However, the MegaTrainer knows how to deal with it! Our exclusive Prince of Persia - Warrior Within cheats offer you the Godmode. Thus your lined protagonist will reach immortality. His life will be forever! Now you have everything you need. Thus it remains true in this case: All you need is… the Prince of Persia - Warrior Within Trainer!


  • Until 2015: No release for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation (PS4, Vita), Nintendo (Wii, Wii U) or Nintendo 3DS
  • Release from 2004 for PlayStation (PS2, PS3, PSP) Windows, GameCube, Xbox and iOS
  • Impressive swords such as the Asman-Sword, Zarich-Sword or Haoma-Sword
  • Positive response in test videos and reviews of relevant news portals
  • Exciting action-adventure-game with elements of fantasy games
  • Fighting against the supernatural creature called Dahaka
  • More balanced combat system than in the previous games
  • Each upgrade is even better than the previous upgrade
  • Immense dramatic story with exciting twists
  • Strange places and mysterious characters
  • Related news and videos online
  • Sensational graphics


This video game was released in 2004 for PlayStation (PS2, PS3, PSP), Windows, GameCube, Xbox and iOS. Until 2015, there was no port for Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation (PS4, Vita), Nintendo (Wii, Wii U) or Nintendo 3DS. Originally The Sands of Time was not intended to become a series. That is why Prince of Persia - Warrior Within has a completely different backdrop as the direct predecessor. Thus, it also explains why the different endings of the games still provide plenty of confusion. Well… this game is different than thought but far better than expected!

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