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01.05.2012 • 3 Codes

Prime World - Defenders: Collect, Reflect, Strike!

Compared to other worthy representatives of the Tower Defense Game genre, Prime World – Defenders especially scores by featuring special game mechanics and a funny story, which proudly enters the stage of your PC. The game presents an obscure fantasy world, where two warring factions fiercely fight for the fabled resource Prime.
Game Profile
Publisher: Nival
Developer: Nival
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Prime World - Defenders Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Instant spell-cooldown
By this cheat you don't have to wait for cooldowns and can directly use spells again.
Buy shop-items for silver instead stars
Activate this cheat on the map and open the shop after it.

All items you normally could only buy with stars, are now available for silver with the same amount (1-20 silver). If you sell the cards you buy with this cheat, you can quickly get a lot of silver and buy the most powerful towers in a very short time.
Build and upgrade for free
This cheat should only be used in paused game, because otherwise your opponents will be immortal as well!

The best way is to pause the game before the first wave is comming. Activate then the cheat and build + upgrade all your towsers for free (without any prime costs). Disable the cheat before you continue with the waves.

Special Hint

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  • It's very important to read the description of the Prime World - Defenders cheats!



You belong to a third neutral community that bravely defends its districts against nasty hordes of monsters. The beasts arise from a mutation caused by the raw material Prime.While the rich background story interferes from time to time by featuring entertaining animations in the course of the game, you do what you do best: you build defence towers that will slaughter the monsters. Speaking of it, Prime World – Defenders stages a unique gameplay which includes trading cards: You'll receive all your towers, spells and traps in the form of magic cards, which you collect and combine to heavy outcomes!


Similar to the analogue card game Magic, you have to put together your own personal deck before each new mission. After each victory you will receive new cards. This opens up completely new tactical possibilities. Each Mutant, Goblin or Naga copes with the one or the other weapon system better or worse. Thus you play your tactics and your defences! Freezing, burning, poisoning, blowing up and cutting the monsters in half are only a few possibilities, the game offers you here!Fortunately, the developers of Prime World – Defenders include a brilliant break mode, which always gives you plenty of time to think about your tactics! Collect, Reflect and Strike!


Try the cheats of our MegaTrainer and it will be possible to build up and upgrade your towers for free! Moreover, thanks to the Prime World - Defenders Trainer, the something annoying waiting time for the use of your spells will be completely gone and you can use them as often you want. Better wait less and slam more!


  • Unique Tower Defence including trading cards
  • Unimagined tactical options
  • A variety of weapon systems
  • Numerous modifications
  • Great graphics

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