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01.05.2012 • 3 Codes

Postal 3: An outstanding Experience, but only for hard-core Players!

Postal 3 is definitely different to Postal 2, but whoever wants to drink new wine out of old bottles? In addition, Postal 3 has kept the good things all along. The humour and the perversion of the game principles are still rough, brutal and yes - just bizarre! But this is exactly what Postal 3 wants to be and nothing else: A bizarre shooter that offers many weapons and unique opportunities, known from no other game.
Game Profile
Publisher: Akella
Developer: Runnining with Scissors
Release Year: 2011
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Postal 3 Cheats

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Infinite ammo
If you activate this cheat you have unlimited ammo (e.g. reload for free).
No reload
With this cheat you have unlimited ammo in your clip and don't need to reload - ever!
By activating this cheat you're invulnerable/immortal.

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The possibilities to kill somebody in this shooter put everything in the shadows. Nevertheless this game does not want to be taken seriously at all. For all we know this shooter stages a very crazy story, including grotesque characters, who are going to die in very unsavoury ways. Whoever likes that kind of stuff goes just right, playing Postal 3! But any faint hearted contemporaries should keep away from it...
…Because the Postal Dude is guaranteed no guy for wimps! Quite the contrary: The protagonist of Postal 3, also known as the Postal Dude, is a character that is otherwise known only from films such as Pulp Fiction or Sin City. This type of person has no conscience. He rushes from one job to the other and it doesn’t bother him at all, if his next assignment obliges him to work for a well-known enemy. The Postal Dude is unpredictable. Even if he has chosen a side to fight for, it may well be that at the very same moment he directs his fire to his friends. For all we know, the Postal Dude has no friends. This sort of person only knows assignments, death and money! But he is very talented, though! No wonder: A man without principles is best suited to perform jobs that no one else wants to do!
The jobs you perform, while playing Postal 3, are certainly no picnic. But still: The sort of humour your assignments includes is very special, indeed! The Postal Dude knows no job that is beneath him. Thus it occurs that you end up working for an ominous establishment, which is only for men! By running a big vacuum cleaner, you inhale all the handkerchiefs the men had been used for their stuff! How convenient that the cleaner can be used as a weapon, too! All its resorbed contents can be shot out! This will certainly be put to profitable use, because very soon several housewives will infiltrate this misogynistic place. Let's see whether and how the Postal Dude will take care of this bizarre situation... For many other orders like this Postal 3 stages tons of options to fight any enemy. Concerning this game, you really can use or abuse anything as a weapon!


As it was said: The Postal Dude somehow is a special character. He does not even hesitate to piss people in their faces, prompting them to vomit. But comparing to future skills, this is nothing. After your hero or anti-hero - one really doesn’t know what he is - once has caught HIV-infected cats, he throws these deadly animals into the faces of his enemies. Concerning Postal 3 a bloodbath is inevitable! Later, you throw killer bees against your adversaries – this is really very crazy! Other victims are simply doused with gasoline and set on fire. But sometimes the Postal Dude must behave and is only allowed to attack his enemies, by utilizing a taser...
However, the gameplay of Postal 3 oscillates between good and evil all the time. Your protagonist reaches several stages, which either illustrate his chivalrous or diabolical behaviour. Nevertheless, it is not recommended to reach the one or the other maximum. The game requires a tared behaviour. That means in plain text: If your account oscillates too much toward the abyss, you have to switch your weapons and at least have to let the people alive. But if you kill to less people and if you opt for the good side too often, then Postal 3 will force you to exploit its hellish potential – at least sometimes! The beauty of it: Your decisions even influence the course of the storyline. Thus you have to think straight: Do you join the side of the cops or do you take the side of the heavily armed eco-terrorists when the time has come to reach a decision???


What could such a hardened character like the Postal Dude need? Right! For example, he might need infinite ammo and a permanent full magazine. Still, it is even more fun, if you get the power to throw as many killer cats and killer bees at your enemies as you want! But infinite ammo comes in handy for the myriads of existing weapons! But of course it goes without saying that this is not everything the Cheats of our MegaTrainer provide. The Postal 3 Trainer also includes the Godmode! Finally, madness has got a name: Yours!


  • Bizarre storyline with a wicked sense of humour
  • Special parodies of social problems
  • Entertaining cinematic cut scenes
  • Your Decisions affect the story
  • Myriads of perverse weapons
  • Ironic friends and enemies
  • Atmospheric graphics
  • Cynical characters

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