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01.05.2012 • 12 Codes

Pool Nation: That's not Pool, that's the next Generation!

Pool Nation presents in contrast to International Snooker pure pool pleasure. And with great success. The physics of the game are just as accurate as the graphics pixel free! The digital balls roll just like their analog brothers would do it. The players of Pool Nation choose one of several distinctive characters, look for a specific cue, take a desired set of balls and go off to start their career to become a billiard champion.
Game Profile
Publisher: Cherry Pop Games
Developer: Cherry Pop Games
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Pool Nation Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
Infinite flashbacks
Empowers to repeat your shots as often as you want!
Mode "Killer": +1 life player 1
Increases the points/life-points of the players in the current game mode!
Mode "Killer": +1 life player 2
Increases the points/life-points of the players in the current game mode!
Mode "Rotation": +1 point player 1
Increases the points/life-points of the players in the current game mode!
Mode "Rotation": +1 point player 2
Increases the points/life-points of the players in the current game mode!
Mode "3-Ball-Pool": Number of shots -1 player 1
Decreases the number of shots of the current player!
Mode "3-Ball-Pool": Number of shots -1 player 2
Decreases the number of shots of the current player!
Mode "14 and 1": +1 point player 1
Increases the points/life-points of the players in the current game mode!
Mode "14 and 1": +1 point player 2
Increases the points/life-points of the players in the current game mode!
Mode "Speed": Reset current faults
Sets the round timer back to zero!
Mode "Speed": Reset current timer
Sets the round timer back to zero!

Special Hint

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During the game you participate in a variety of challenges that take place at exclusive venues. There are even several bonus games to unlock. During the course of this authentic simulator, the player earns credits, which he invests in better equipment and new game variations! Pool Nation offers his fans not only pool, but a billiards experience of the next generation!
From the beginning Pool Nation is more varied as any other game! It starts with the choice of location. If you meet the challenge of the Sky Lounge Cup, then you will go up into skyscrapers that offer a spectacular view over the city. If you decide to join the Exchange Square Cup, your player will enter fast moving world of finance. There, the games will run very fast, since time is money, especially for business guys! But you should rather enter the Westcost Trophy tournament. At this picturesque coastline location, the days swap places with the night! All the time you will play 8-ball or 9-ball pool. The opponents become more demanding from table to table. Both game modes are about to putt the balls in order of numbers. Whoever pockets the last ball wins the lap!
But beware: Should it be impossible to putt a ball, you have to make sure that the white ball gets very unfavorable for your opponent, after you made your shot. Ideally however, you will sink each and every sphere until you win this game. Generously enough Pool Nation visualizes the paths of each ball very accurate. You can see exactly where the white one will hit and in which direction the second ball will roll. But play one ball over the rail is more complicated, likewise putting ball with another one. But still: For performing special maneuvers, the simulator distributes extra bonuses! Finally, it is the most fun to shoot the balls on detours to their destination. Using the right spin, it is possible to make the white ball roll on the edge of the table, in order to get the desired ball pocketed. In addition, the 9-ball game can also be won on detours. If you stick to the playing order and hit the right ball, but then you hit the ball with the number 9 as a sideline and it occurs that it gets potted: you will win the round anyway! A victory on detours it is indeed!


Killer, Rotation and 3-Ball Pool

And if the 8-ball and 9-ball-pool gets boring, you can pass time enjoying other game modes. During the so called game mode “killer”, both professionals get 3 life-points! Whenever you don't manage to pot a ball, one life-point will get decreased! Thus it is all about to make less mistakes than your opponent! Concerning the “rotation mode”, there are all 15 balls on the table. The balls must be pocketed in order (1-15). Depending on their number the spheres represent different points. The player who first reaches 61 points wins! Quite different is the 3-ball-pool! In this version everything depends on how many shots you need to pot the first 3 balls in a row. The competitors play one after the other. Whoever uses fewer shots wins the game!
However, Pool Nation would not be such a successful simulation, if the game won't stage any other modes. The game variant “14 and 1” offers a whole new challenge. In this case, all the balls remain on the table. Now both players can putt randomly, only the black 8 may not yet pocketed until the last sphere is gone! But who finally sinks the 8, wins the game! The probably most challenging game mode is the so called “speed”. Here it important to finish a full table alone as fast as possible. The time is measured! Your opponents meet this challenge in approx. 2 minutes. Let's see if you're as fast as they are. A real billiards champion of the next generation can do it for sure!


It would be ridiculous if the MegaTrainer won't provide the best cheats for all the different game modes. During normal 9-ball and 8-ball-pool you will get infinitely many flashbacks. Now you can repeat your bad shots as many times you want. The flashbacks can be used in the other modes as well. During the game modes “killer” and “rotation” you can arbitrarily increase the number of your life-points or normal points. Playing the 3-ball-pool you can reduce the number of your shots at will. This challenge can now be handled only with one single shot! During the 14 and 1 variant, you can also increase your score and during the game mode “speed” you may reset the current timer back to zero! As it was said: The Pool Nation Trainer makes you become a champion in each class!


  • Spin and power decide over the paths of the balls
  • Realistic visualization of the pathways
  • Special game variants and modes
  • Extremely authentic physics
  • Different cues and items
  • Stunning opportunities
  • Exclusive locations

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