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22.01.2018 • 17 Codes

Planet Nomads: Stranded in an unknown world!

In the 2017 released video-game Planet Nomads you will be put to the test. As an astronaut stranded in a strange world, you have to prove your skills in construction as well as survival. The cheats from our 2018 MegaTrainer will help you since the gaming-world is filled with not only wonders but also dangers!
Game Profile
Publisher: Craneballs
Developer: Craneballs
Release Year: 2017
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Planet Nomads Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
Open inventory and hover over an item before activating prepare!
This cheat prepares the game for other cheats. It should be activated first, otherwise the other cheats won't work properly!
Unlimited body resilience
Unlimited Body Resilience!
Never hungry
With this cheat activated your character is no longer hungry!
Never thirsty
Your character will no longer be thirsty!
These cheats make your survival harder.
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
Infinite energy
Provides you with unlimited energy!
Never freeze
Your character will no longer freeze and be cold!
Never overheat
Overheating is no longer a problem!
These cheats make your survival harder.
Low oxygen
These cheats make your survival harder.
No poisoning
Prevents your character from getting poisoned!
No injury
Activate this cheat to longer receive any new wounds!
No radioactive contamination
Your character is no longer suffering from radiation poisoning!
+10 Items
Increases the selected item by the displayed value. Move your mouse over the desired item and activate cheat. The change will be visibile after reopening the inventory!
Low health
These cheats make your survival harder.

Special Hint

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In the video-game Planet Nomads you take on the role of an astronaut-scientist on an important mission in space. But something goes horribly wrong and you are forced to crash land on an unknown planet. You now find yourself in a strange world without the possibility to contact earth. You are completely on your own. Desperately you to survive by building a shelter and scavenging for food – the ultimate goal remains to somehow get off the planet and fly back home! The planet is full of breathtaking scenery and wonders but watch-out something dark and evil always lurks in the shadows in the video-game Planet Nomads!


The video-game Planet Nomads focuses on survival. There are many things you have to consider. First of all, you have to make sure you build a safe and stable shelter. Then you can set out to explore the alien-planet. It's best to build a vehicle, which allows you to move a lot faster between point A and point B. In the video-game Planet Nomads you will travel through a variety of different climate zones and biomes, which are inhabited by strange alien creatures. Although most of them are peaceful and don't attack you, some of them, so keep your guard up! You also have to make sure that you always have enough oxygen and food if you don't want to starve or suffocate!


In the video-game Planet Nomads your task is to survive on an alien planet after a crash landing. In addition to problems like finding food or building a shelter, there are also creatures on this planet who are trying to kill you! Luckily we provide you with awesome and helpful Planet Nomads Cheats from our excellent Planet Nomads Trainer! The Infinite Oxygen / Energy Cheats give you an unlimited amount of what you need to survive! The never freeze/overheat cheats will help you in extreme weather conditions! The no poisoning/injury cheats make survival easy for you! If that's not enough, try our Godmode Cheat, which will make you invincible!


  • Varied game world with different biomes
  • 47 unlockable Steam achievements
  • Building shelters and vehicles
  • Realistic Game Physics
  • Farming ressources


The video-game Planet Nomads is a science fiction sandbox game released on May 25 2017. The game was developed and published by Craneballs Studio and uses the Unity Engine. According to developers, the game was inspired by games like Minecraft and No Man's Sky. The game is available for Windows PC and MAC OS X.

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