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12.04.2016 • 2 Codes

Pixel Heroes - Bytes & Magic: Simple but effective!

Maybe you have never seen something like Pixel Heroes - Bytes & Magic before: This exceptional adventure game of The Bitfather and Headup Games is anything but a conventional roguelike RPG! The multicolored - and yes, pixelated - world presents a lot of satirical events, amazing dungeons and extraordinary creatures. Luckily our cheats provide your trio of heroes with any number of upgrade points and the Godmode!
Game Profile
Publisher: Headup Games
Developer: The Bitfather
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Pixel Heroes - Bytes & Magic Cheats

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Cheatname and Details
Infinite upgrade points
Beware: This cheat only works in the inventory aka upgrade screen!
Godmode in fights
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

Special Hint

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  • Pixel Heroes - Byte and Magic is a full dynamical game which creates game functions at runtime if needed. For this reason cheats of the Pixel Heroes - Byte and Magic trainer can only be activated after the game already used these functions at least one time. Please read and follow our cheat-descriptions to correctly use our trainer!



The innovative and roguelike game Pixel Heroes - Bytes & Magic that was published in February 2015 by Headup Games catapults you straightway into a fictional town called Pixton. The so-called sons of dawn are threatening the world by conjuring up the end of all days. It's completely clear that you have to put a stop to this madness...
While you wander through three exciting campaigns, you will enjoy the many parodist and satirical allusions that all make fun of the most famous veterans games like Dungeons & Dragons. The mood in this spectacle simply is amazing!
You should be aware of one thing: The video game Pixel Heroes - Bytes & Magic of 2015 does not take itself seriously! It does not happen without the conscious intention of the developer that the characters in the game are complaining constantly about the graphical shortcomings, lacking options, missing features and the non-existent character editor.
By the way: You will recruit your heroes in the tavern next door: Humans, dwarves, halflings or elf-like children of heaven; the choice is up to you. Of course, all of your heroes have individual character values and perform genuine skills that are determined by the respective equipment and the corresponding class aka profession...


The extraordinary roguelike game Pixel Heroes - Bytes & Magic of 2015 offers a total of 30 professions that your trio of heroes may unlock little by little. Whether you fight your way through this adventure as a Bard, Barbarian, Priest, Tinkerer, Plague Bringer or even as a Psionicist is basically a matter of taste.
Playing through the various campaigns the situation is different of course. All quests of this game are governed by chance only. Humor and satire may be the first ministers in the state of Pixel Heroes - Bytes & Magic, but the king is chance.
Moreover, this simple-minded video game is considered insanely difficult. Even the first campaign is anything but a walk in the park. The procedure is always the same: you send your trio of heroes deep into the dark dungeons and watch them die in the first place. Only so you'll get to know when and where which elemental forces and abnormalities do work best.
The dungeons themselves are all made of a series of eight randomly juxtaposed rooms that are full of deadly enemies and legendary treasures. But before you will gain the jewels you will have to defuse the mechanisms of traps first. And more often than you might expect you have to take up the fight against one of the bizarre beasts.
Apropos: During the turn-based combats you may use your equipment as often as you wish. But your more powerful class abilities are limited by individual cooling times aka cooldowns. You may also increase the level of your heroes by employing various upgrade points for life, strength, skill, intelligence and faith. This in turn affects your physical and magical attack power, accuracy and defense. Who really wants to master games like Pixel Heroes - Bytes & Magic of 2015 cannot collect enough upgrade points for his or her heroes...


And this is where our brand new MegaTrainer of 2016 comes into play. Thanks to its unique Pixel Heroes - Bytes & Magic cheats you'll get as many upgrade points as you want! Thus, you will level up your hero-trio in terms of life, strength, skill, intelligence and faith up to the top. That should take a very positive effect to all upcoming fights. And if not, there still remains the brand new Pixel Heroes - Bytes & Magic Trainer of 2016. From now on you will have the invincible Godmode in all battles: We can not offer you any better feature!


  • Randomly generated axes, spears, swords, shields, crossbows and spells
  • Many parodic and satirical allusions to famous games
  • Amazing dungeons and extraordinary creatures
  • More than 30 professions with genuine skills
  • Potpourri and pixelated world
  • Particularly inspiring humor
  • A lot of satirical events
  • Nostalgic pixel charm
  • Chance is king


The brand new roguelike adventure Pixel Heroes - Bytes & Magic of 2015 with its nostalgic pixel charm is truly something special. The german developer and publisher of The Bitfather and Headup Games have designed the game, of course, in their own language. The many puns, satires, parodies and dialects do not contribute little to the effect that Pixel Heroes - Bytes & Magic is so incredibly funny to play. But if you want: These new adventures can also be enjoyed in English. The translation is not less successful than the game itself. Finally, suffice is to say: Pixel Heroes - Bytes & Magic may be simple, but it offers far more than meets the eye!

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