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27.07.2016 • 8 Codes

Phantom Breaker - Battlegrounds: A feast for sophisticated retro gamers!

The fighting video game Phantom Breaker - Battlegrounds from 2015 can be considered as a classic fighting game. Executing arcade fighting style, first of all you choose a unique character in order to send strange enemy hordes into hell by carrying out fantastic special attacks. The cheats of our latest MegaTrainer from 2016 will help by granting you any number of small, medium and large red balls – a nightmare for all your enemies in this game!
Game Profile
Publisher: Degica
Developer: MAGES.
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

Phantom Breaker - Battle Grounds Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for character
As soon as you've activated the "prepare for cheats" function, you can modify with these cheats the values inside the levels.
+10,000 SC
That's the currency in the game!
Infinite mana
This cheat provides you with unlimited power/mana!
+10 Big red orbs
That's the currency in the game!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
Refill skill points
Increases your skill points!

Special Hint

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The game Phantom Breaker - Battlegrounds was released on Steam in 2015. Basically, this fighting game is a spin-off to the original fighting game Phantom Breaker – naturally with some delicate and refreshing change. The developers of MAGES are anything but unknown, yet they presented many famous games so far like Stone, Gate or Bullet Soul.
As far as Phantom Breaker - Battlegrounds is concerned suffice is to say: This action-intensive 2D beat'em up game makes you select one of many extravagant fighters and sends you into a formidable fighting arena, in which you have to struggle against the bizarre minions of ominous warlock called Phantom.
In times you won't have to fight, you may walk holding your head up high through colorful Tokyo, upgrade the skills of your soldier, recruit a team and kill off fire-breathing dragons and nasty killer robots.
While you kepp the minions of the Phantom at bay, the video game Phantom Breaker - Battlegrounds stages a heartwarming story that takes you through the most famous neighborhoods of Tokyo – showing many similarities to their real life models in many ways...


Once the video game Phantom Breaker - Battlegrounds from 2015 begins, you take on the role either of Mikoto, Waka, Itsuki or Yuzuha and fight henceforth against a colossal superiority of enemies! The game is often compared with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. Fair enough: The parallels to menu, gameplay and music are obvious and of course nice to see!
Playing story mode you will choose between four upgradeable characters. During the game proceeds, you may unlock six further unique characters next to Mikoto, Waka, Itsuki and Yuzuha. Each hero has a fully customizable status and skill tree, enabling many great changes!
In the course of the engaging story all warriors will learn powerful special attacks. The game puts virtually no limits as far as the character development is concerned!
You can take your lovingly created characters and their reached level and play with them even in arcade mode. There you may compete with other players. As far as the local multi-player is concerned only those players will prevail that are striking with the most powerful combo attacks.
Then, off to battle! The fighting arena of Phantom Breaker - Battlegrounds is waiting just for you!


Maybe you should not enter the arena unprepared. Maybe you should advance the codes of our latest MegaTrainer from 2016. Immediately you'll get incredibly many SC and an infinite number of small, medium and large red balls. These are the two currencies in the game, with which you can buy everything you need: weapons, items, etc. The other Phantom Breaker - Battlegrounds Cheats ensure that you get all the capabilities and an unlimited amount of mana right-away. This empowers you to perform one special attack after another. Finally, you may use the Godmode as well! Therefore, it is clear: The Phantom Breaker - Battlegrounds Trainer from 2016 will advance to a veritable nightmare for all your opponents!


  • Heartwarming story in the most famous neighborhoods of Tokyo
  • Colossal battles against fire-breathing dragons and nasty killer robots
  • Incomprehensible superiority bizarre opponents
  • Many extravagant fighters and characters
  • Customizable status and skill trees
  • Classic fighting game arcade style
  • Catchy chiptune soundtrack
  • Dynamic sprite graphics
  • Exciting arcade mode
  • Great special attacks
  • Local multi-player


Therefore, you see: the video game Phantom Breaker - Battlegrounds from 2015 proves to be a very original game in many ways! But the handsome retro flair is the main feature providing this game with its incomparable charm. The dynamic sprite graphics stages an atmospheric mood making you feel transported to another time. The catchy chiptune soundtrack fuels this sentiment so skillfully that even the most demanding retro gamer should be delighted. The result: The breathtaking game Phantom Breaker - Battlegrounds. Chapeau!

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