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Patrician IV: Keeping pace with the times

The in 2010 published Patrician IV from the house of Kalypso Media Digital (Publisher) is a unique strategy game that is played less on land and more at sea. The events of this unique adventure take place at northern Europe in the late Middle Ages: The Hansa is in full blossom and you take on the role of an ambitious citizen who uses several tricks in order to become the most influential member of the guild and finally a nobleman. That means in plain text: You deal with goods, produce some by yourself, built up own merchant fleets, equip your convoy with weapons and fight fierce naval battles against pirates and hostile trading houses. The individual types of ships are historically very accurate. Designing your trade routes Patrician IV comes up with a complex trading system that offers you countless possibilities for the connection of more than 30 cities...
Game Profile
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Developer: Gaming Minds Studios
Release Year: 2010
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Patrician IV Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Gold for trading (50.000.000)
If you activate this cheat, you're money will be set to the listed amount as soon as you buy or sell something on the marketplace.

When you buy something the cheated value will be decreased by the price immediately.

When you sell something it will be increased of course.
Unlimited resources for sale
As long as this cheat is active, you can sell unlimited amount of resources from your ship on marketplace, because the amount won't be decreased anymore. If you store many different resources with low amount in your convoy, you can sell them several times in the cities until they're happy to increase your prestige.

Special Hint

Created by:
  • Due to the fact the resource-cheats may also work for the AI, you should disable them after use directly!
  • User of the Patrician IV Goldedition can use the trainer when selecting the same version-entry for Rise of a Dynasty.



Living in the late Middle Ages was a rough time! If you consider yourself a member of the Hanseatic League, you will have to outsmart your competition by all means! Since the release in 2010 tons of articles appeared on the internet that not only publish all relevant news, videos, screenshots and pictures of Patrician IV, but that also discuss numerous tips and tricks on how the adversities in the game are best to overcome. This discussion of course is echoed in the community forum and in several videos on YouTube and Facebook.


Although Patrician IV has been published in 2010, the developers performed a real coup de main by the optical representation of the cities. The 3D graphics of the Patrician games is very impressive and detailed. The great add-on and unique economic simulation Patrician IV - Rise of a Dynasty clearly testifies that. Whoever wants to experience similar games may play games like Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants or Port Royale 3 - Treasure Island. But let's get back to the full version of this edition! Once you've made yourself familiar to all tips and tricks of this simulation, you'll receive a large political influence and build up your own cities. Thus you begin to expand your trading piece by piece. But the emerging issues and problems are manifold. Therefore you are constantly looking for the right solutions and a matching strategy. No wonder: After all, there are incredibly many ways and means to outsmart your competitors. For example, you may compete in a normal economic way and try to outdo your adversaries by price wars and trade benefits... But whoever wants to trade offside of legality can do that of course! At any time you may sabotage the department stores and ships of the other players. The intrigue, scheming and diabolical games, with which you can destroy your competition are unprecedentedly varied! In addition, you can directly run an attack on the high seas at any time you want. Provided that you have raked in enough money or gold you may construct heavily armed warships that may conquer the prey of any hostile dealers! As is typical for the genre the action-rich naval battles are mainly about staying on track! But beware: The dynamic weather and the seasons have a large impact on the game! There are no tips that will help when a tornado is raging through your port! The game generates very own contents to which you have to react at times. In addition, the AI behaves very intelligently! Therefore, all tests say the same thing: Even if Patrician IV was published in 2010, it can still keep up with the technology of the games of 2015! The gameplay really keeps pace with the times!


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  • Fierce naval battles against notorious pirates and hostile trading houses
  • A number of information and news that have to be taken into account
  • Enjoy the Hansa in northern Europe of the late Middle Ages
  • Countless possibilities and more than 30 towns to connect
  • Complex trading system with a number of routes
  • Diligent trade and avid production
  • Building an own merchant fleet
  • Wonderful graphics

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