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01.05.2012 • 7 Codes

PES 2016 - Pro Evolution Soccer: A true anniversary!

The PES - Pro Evolution Soccer series celebrates its 20th birthday. Yet PES 2016 - Pro Evolution Soccer actually manages to improve all optimizations of its predecessors games and sets the bar even higher.
Game Profile
Publisher: KONAMI
Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment, PES Productions
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

PES 2016 - Pro Evolution Soccer Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
Infinite focus-points (legend-mode)
With this cheat you can cheat your focus-points for training in the legend-mode.
+100 Mio. USD club money
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value.
+1 goal 1st team
Using these cheats you can simply cheat the amount of goals for 1st and 2nd team!
0 goals 1st team
Using these cheats you can simply cheat the amount of goals for 1st and 2nd team!
+1 goal 2nd team
Using these cheats you can simply cheat the amount of goals for 1st and 2nd team!
0 goals 2nd team
Using these cheats you can simply cheat the amount of goals for 1st and 2nd team!

Special Hint

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Whoever has played PES 2015 - Pro Evolution Soccer before, definitively knows: PES 2016 - Pro Evolution Soccer comes into a heavy inheritance! The official video game of the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League and the UEFA Super Cup does not only present very pretty and sharp graphics, but it includes many innovative game mechanics, extensive control options, highly-tactical possibilities and very entertaining animations. It is totally up to you where to move your players on the field. At what point should they conquer empty spaces, deceive the other players and shoot the ball? PES 2016 - Pro Evolution Soccer creates an unparalleled drama and excitement during each match! Not without reason, by many fans it is considered as the best sports game ever... Similar to its predecessors, PES 2016 - Pro Evolution Soccer also offers you the possibility of playing the Legends mode that makes you accompany a soccer player all the way up to the climax of his career. Or you may enjoy the Master League mode that challenges you to build up a whole team and lead it to success. If you shouldn’t be familiar with the requirements yet, you may enter the training mode and improve your skills there. The Master League mode regularly provides you with the current texts, tables and news, so you keep it rolling! Finally, before any scouting process you should be informed well about which players will really fit into your squad. The harmony in your team is an essential criterion for the success of your squad. A newcomer from your youth-team that advances to a scorer can sometimes get your whole team on a positive roll...


In general: Analyzing the performance of your team is the primary key to success: Therefore PES 2016 - Pro Evolution Soccer offers you all kinds of statistics from that you can read the offensives, pass walks, runs, defensive and many more other details of your team. This is the only way to evaluate the aspects in which you have to promote your team. The nice thing is: All players can be controlled much more directly than in any previous game. That is of great benefit in times you dribble in a confined space. The spectacular duels offer several options to deceive or push away any opponent. And thanks to the user-friendly controls aerial duels can be mastered very well. Moreover all of your players behave very competently: They use the free spaces in the opponent's half, offer themselves to receive passes and tear a gap in the defense, at least whenever it is possible... The excellent ball physics of PES 2016 - Pro Evolution Soccer do the rest to ensure that the entire game play remains very alive and dynamic. The best sports game reveals the most brilliant attacks and defensive maneuvers that you can wish for. Once your players straddle into their opponent, conquer the ball, pass it into the midfield, carry the ball to the top of your team and ultimately perform a volley shot into the goal, you will understand what is meant here. In such situations a sublime feeling comes up: The stage bawls, the fans dance, sing and shout and the referee gives the ball free again. The superbly staged animations run very smoothly and provide a great ambiance. The splendid graphics, the motivating sound and the whole presentation have been designed with great attention to detail. You can say what you want, but PES 2016 - Pro Evolution Soccer is celebrating its 20th anniversary with great fanfare! You only have to score goals!


That goes without saying: The 20th anniversary of this brilliant game series is celebrated - especially from our MegaTrainer. Using its help, you can equip your player with any number of focus points during Legends mode. This makes you perfect all his skills! In addition, our other PES 2016 - Pro Evolution Soccer cheats give your team any amount of money. Moreover other cheats enhance you to manipulate the fallen goals at will - what a blessing! As mentioned above: Pro Evolution Soccer is celebrating its birthday and the PES 2016 - Pro Evolution Soccer Trainer is the most perfect gift!


  • Official game of the Champions League, Europa League and the Super Cup
  • Innovative game mechanics and far-reaching control options
  • Incomparable drama and excitement during the matches
  • Highly-tactical possibilities and entertaining animations
  • 20th anniversary of the successful game series
  • Wonderfully beautiful and sharp graphics
  • Legends mode and Master League mode
  • Many useful statistics

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