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01.05.2012 • 11 Codes

Overlord - Fellowship of Evil: The fun has just begun...

Like the two previous games the wacky action role-playing-game Overlord - Fellowship of Evil of October 2015 stages a healthy dose of black humor! The wayward humor is the unmistakable hallmark of the entire game series. In contrast: If you reach out for the MegaTrainer of MegaDev, your enemies will have nothing to laugh about. Get our cheat codes now and your minions will be equipped with powers that will scare the hell out of all your enemies...



The MegaTrainer „MT-U“ is a 100% legal trainer software that allows you to activate cheats in single player PC games in order to balance the game perfectly to your needs.

You can download the MegaTrainer for your Windows PC for free and test it with our „FREE“ cheats for every game. To gain access to all cheats you need to acquire a premium membership.

Overlord - Fellowship of Evil Cheats

Special Hint

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  • All Overlord - Fellowship of Evil cheats work for the human player only.
  • Cheats with the same ID cannot be used at the same time.
  • Overlord - Fellowship of Evil is a full dynamical game which creates game functions at runtime if needed. For this reason cheats of the Overlord - Fellowship of Evil trainer can only be activated after the game already used these functions at least one time. In addition the first activation of each cheats may need a few seconds. Please read and follow our cheat-descriptions to correctly use our trainer!

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