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01.05.2012 • 7 Codes

Outland: Pure refreshment!

Outland is an extremely fast-paced and very dynamic jump & run game that particularly catches your eyes by its visual style and its diverse requirements. While the players are using the most varied forces of light and darkness to progress through the game, Outland makes you embark on an epic journey through a chaotic world full of dangers, wonders and adventures.
Game Profile
Publisher: Housemarque
Developer: Ubisoft, Housemarque
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Outland Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
+1.000 Coins
Provides you with numerous coins!
These cheats will heal the current player and equip him with infinite magic!
Refill energy
These cheats will heal the current player and equip him with infinite magic!
The Godmode is the classic Godmode: You can still die from too much damage (fall from a height)! See also: 'Immortal after hit'
Infinite energy
These cheats will heal the current player and equip him with infinite magic!
Immortal after hit
The cheat "Immortal after hit" provides immortality even against major damage! But: You can only activate this cheat not until you got hit at least one time!

Special Hint

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You jump into the role of a brave hero that is the very last hope to save the world before the forces of chaos. Especially the uniqueness of Outland is reflected in the ever-changing game world. This generates all adventures that you will experience constantly new. While the fights take place you will constantly have to adapt to the circumstances of this extremely dynamic world. A game couldn’t be more refreshing!
The delightful graphical design of Outland amazes you from the very first second. The levels are created with great attention to detail. They appear like they would be masterly crafted silhouettes. Thus the levels create a wondrous illusion with powerful images that will totally cast a spell over you. In short: Despite the high speed of play, you will really enjoy the way you jump, kick and run through each level. Furthermore Outland comes up with plenty of stimuli that make you to want to experience the five great designed worlds at all costs. Whether you move through the jungle, search the underworld, conquer the fortresses or capture the sky: The mysterious characters, the sophisticated art objects, the arabesque-like ornaments that are everywhere to find in the game world provide many allusions both to the myths of the Greeks, Sumerians and Babylonians as well as to the fabulous monuments of the Maya and the Aztecs...


Whoever wants to be enchanted by the charm of bygone cultures is in good hands playing Outland. The enigmatic symbolism and the constant contrast between light and dark are as well the force behind the inspiration for the entire story of this unique platforming adventure: The story tells the eternal struggle between good and evil! The events take place thousands of years before our time. The story is told with such pathos that it is impossible not to play Outland til its very end. This circumstance of course is due to the gameplay as well: The control is working just fine. Each command is implemented very accurately. The level design offers a huge number of surprises: At one occasion the soil is porous, sometimes it is possible to go through walls and with increased regularity you have to set a secret mechanism in motion so you can advance to the next area. One thing is certain: This game never gets boring!
Outland offers all the finesses of the genre! You jump and glide with a staggering pace from A to B and swing your sword better than any Samurai. The attacks with your sword run quickly and impressively. The deeper you penetrate into the picturesque world of Outland, the faster, stronger and more agile your hero becomes! Your warrior catapults his enemies through the air, performs powerful ramming attacks and unleashes spectacular special attacks. Using his impressive capabilities, your protagonist defends himself against thorns, spears, bestial monsters and mighty warriors. You’ll constantly have to duck, to dodge and to strike back at the right moment! This ensures a rigorous alternation: You have to overcome deadly chasms, cope with sneaky traps, fight against giant spiders, take cover from fire-breathing dragons and jump over explosive worms. The nice thing: Outland successively gets more demanding and challenging! A jump & run adventure cannot provide more refreshment!


That’s the way: By using our MegaTrainer it will be possible for you to increase your coins up to any number. The other special Outland cheats make sure that you can always heal yourself and that you will have an infinite amount of energy. Finally, you get the Godmode to make sure that nothing can go wrong anymore. As was mentioned above: The Outland Trainer makes this refreshing adventure even more sparkling! Cheers!


  • Extremely fast-paced and very dynamic jump & run game
  • Chaotic world of dangers, wonders and adventures
  • A wide variety of forces of light and darkness
  • Flawless control possibilities
  • Very pretty graphical design
  • An ever-changing game world
  • Spectacular special attacks

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