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29.03.2016 • 9 Codes

Offworld Trading Company: All possibilities you can possibly think of!

Soren Johnson, the developer of the top rated strategy games of all time - Civilization IV -, has launched another extravagant real-time strategy game in 2015: Offworld Trading Company. The developers of Mohawk games now offer their fans a profound economic warfare simulation on Mars. The eternal struggle between supply and demand will become your personal battle. At least the cheats of our MegaTrainer provide you any amount of money... and that is ultimately the best weapon in this game...
Game Profile
Publisher: Stardock Entertainment
Developer: Mohawk Games
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

Offworld Trading Company Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite money in campaign start-screen
Provides you with unlimited money!
Prepare for cheats
Can only be activated after the value of your money has changed for one time. The other cheats are working after you have changed the value of the money again!
+10,000 Money
Increases your money/credits according to the displayed value!
+500,000 Money
Increases your money/credits according to the displayed value!
+1 Field to claim
Can't be cheated if the value is already zero!
Instant research and patent
This cheat allows you to do research and file patent applications without any delay!

Special Hint

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  • Offworld Trading Company is a full dynamical game which creates game functions at runtime if needed. For this reason cheats of the Offworld Trading Company trainer can only be activated after the game already used these functions at least one time. Please read and follow our cheat-descriptions to correctly use our trainer!



The hard-hitting strategy game Offworld Trading Company of 2015 selects no unusual environment for games belonging to the science-fiction genre: The planet Mars provides an excellent environment for any comprehensive real-time strategy game.
You begin the adventure of Offworld Trading Company on a massive and blank map building up your new home. The final aim of your your campaign is to achieve the first successful rocket launch on Mars! But until then, there is a long way to go: The new video game Offworld Trading Company of 2015 is essentially based on mechanics that are typical for games of this genre. The sources of inspiration for the design of this spectacle had been numerous: StarCraft 2 - Wings of Liberty, Age of Empires 3 or Company of Heroes 2 are only a small selection.
But there is one big difference: While all of the aforementioned games have a strong military focus, the focus in Offworld Trading Company solely rests on economic considerations and actions! Basically it is all about establishing a colony on Mars, making some nice profit and cutting the ground from under the feet of your competitors. The fulminate strategy adventure comes up with an incredibly dynamic. No game plays like the other! The many videos and news online can tell you one or two things about it...


The many videos and news online do all follow the same line: The complex gameplay of Offworld Trading Company is amazing. The reason for the complexity is quickly identified: The video game Offworld Trading Company stages a free capitalist market including a common stock where 13 different resources are traded. All prices fluctuate naturally and are based on the arbitrary waves of the market! But these undulations are not as random as you might think. They are more or less determined by your actions! But of course, your opponents have a say in the matter as well.
If you build up your colonies close to the water and therefore have unlimited access to this resource, then you may dictate the price on the market. If no or only a few players manufacturize food, the price will quickly reach astronomical heights (pun not intended).
Therefore your task is anything but easy. You have to find your way around the in-game-world and deal with all the confusing circumstances. There is no such thing as the ultimate resource in this spectacle. Depending on the location and depending on the map you have to decide what resources you invest in and what products you want to craft. The crucial question is: What is the one resource that you can monopolize in a way that you can dictate the prices on the market?
Luckily the brand new video game of 2015 offers many beautiful ways to accomplish your goals. Feel free to hire pirates to destroy the equipment of your opponents and steal their resources. With enough money you can even pay for a mutiny and take over all the production chains of your enemies. Even your spies and agents may influence the prices on the stock market by leaking false information that will work only to your favor...


As previously mentioned: Money is the player's strongest weapons in this game of 2015! Thanks to our brand new Offworld Trading Company cheats of 2016 you get as much money as you can carry. Whoever has got enough money can afford and acquire any spies, pirates and mutinies this thrilling adventure has to offer. Thus you will be able to manipulate the fluctuations of the prices at will. And the best part is: The current Offworld Trading Company Trainer of 2016 makes sure that the AI does no longer get any money at all! This is madness! It looks like you will win this intriguing economic war once and for all!


  • Focus clearly set on economic considerations and actions
  • By Soren Johnson, the developer of Civilization IV
  • Highly tactical economic war fought with unique strategies
  • Free market capitalism based on 13 different resources
  • Fluctuating prices depending on the player's actions
  • Videos over videos and news over news online
  • Perpetual battle of supply and demand
  • Influencing the market prices
  • Tremendous momentum
  • Gigantic large map


The brand new video game Offworld Trading Company of 2015 is also inspired by classics like M.U.L.E.. This unique adventure will force you to make tough decisions: It will be very crucial to your gameplay what resources you prefer, what goods you produce and which stocks you buy. You start off any game against 7 AI or opponents that are controlled by other players. The winner will be the player that seizes the power over the economy of the entire planet at first. It is totally up to you by what means you want to achieve that goal. One thing is certain: Offworld Trading Company exhausts all possibilities you can possibly think of!

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