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Obliteracers: Mario-Kart for your PC?

The 2016 released indie-party-racing-video-game Obliteracers can be played with up to 16 players on one single screen. On exotic planets, you fight against a variety of aliens in entertaining, action-packed races. Use different weapons and power-ups to win each race. To avoid frustration, our 2017 released MegaTrainer with its exclusive cheats will be at your side!
Game Profile
Publisher: Varkian Empire, Deck13
Developer: Varkian Empire
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

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In the racing-game Obliteracers you will compete against your competition on 13 different racing tracks. The entire game is played from bird's eye view. If you are too slow, you will fall out from the field of view. You will be respawned but now you have to come from behind and move your opponents out of the way. Luckily there are countless power-ups and weapons at your disposal on all of the tracks. Be careful, though, your enemies can use them as well! In order to deflect incoming attacks and projectiles, you can activate a protective shield for a short period of time.
The tracks’ layouts are varied and the locations always offer something for the eyes as well. From races in the desert, past idyllic waterfalls or action-packed battles on an aircraft carrier, the video-game Obliteracers offers everything you would expect from a party racer!


The heart of the gameplay in Obliteracers are of course the action-packed races, filled with weapons and power-ups. The game can be played with a total of 16 players, either online, local or even a mix of both is possible. Thanks to keyboard, controller or even smartphone support, the right input devices are available for every player. A local match with 16 players on one screen can be very chaotic and hectic, but one should praise the developers nevertheless, since the local split-screen does not get much love these days. Visually the game looks great and it is just so much fun to race through exotics landscapes in Obliteracers. The game can be played completely solo as well. In the 'career mode,’ you will be race event after event. The races test your skills in a variety of ways and prepare you for matches against friends! Thanks to local split-screen, Obliteracers is the definitely the right game for a fun video-game-evening with friends!


If you are having problems with some objectives in your career, you can rely on our 2017 MegaTrainer with its awesome and exclusive cheats. Thanks to our Obliteracers Cheats you can win any race with the touch of a button. This is very handy when you are having a bad day and just cannot keep up with your opponents. In the Obliteracers Trainer we provide you with a code that prevents your opponents from getting any points. This is especially useful for scoring-challenges, etc. Thanks to our MegaTrainer you will be the best racer in the unique racing-game Obliteracers!


  • Drop in and drop out of online races
  • Support for various input devices
  • Engaging and diverse race tracks
  • Entertaining weapons
  • Local split-screen
  • 16 player battles


The developer "Space Dust Studios" is made up of multiple former employees from the Australian studio of Visceral Games Melbourne. According to references on their website, the team is composed of industry veterans who have already worked on games like Battlefield, Need for Speed or Tomb Raider.

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