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OTTTD - Shoot first, then shoot more later!

OTTTD is a classic tower defense game like Defense Grid - The Awakening or Defense Grid 2. And yet OTTTD is especially beyond measure. Enjoying this Tower-Defense spectacle that includes many RPG elements, gamers fight against the craziest creatures that can be found throughout the entire multiverse!
Game Profile
Publisher: SMG Studio
Developer: SMG Studio
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

OTTTD Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Fast hero ability cooldown
Allows the use of special skills without waiting.
Tower + HQ-gun godmode
Makes all the towers and the gun of your Headquarters invulnerable!
Minimum 50.000 money
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value.
Headquarters gomode
Makes your headquarters invulnerable!
This cheat is a so called one-hit-kill cheat which allows you to kill each opponent with only one hit.

Special Hint

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The player of OTTTD jumps into the role of a commander of the HEROCORP. This is the largest private military organization in the galaxy. Since the peace was staying too long, the coffers of the company have become empty and emptier. But a new technology promises a better future. By means of the so-called Trans-Dimensional Rifts, the company can reach into new universes and conducts lucrative wars. Of course, the HEROCORP is not welcome in the strange universes. Therefore, the player must protect the headquarter at all costs! How? With massive gun turrets and daring soldiers…
One notices immediately that OTTTD comes along with a certain black humor. The story goes so far that you won't impersonate a conqueror of alien planets but a protector of the earth. How does that work? Well, the logic is a bit immoral: The strange creatures of the very strange universes might have the idea of attacking the earth all by themselves at some time. Thus you and your heroic corporation travel through time and space and kill off your potential future enemies in the first place. To make it clear: You run some kind of war prevention. Nevertheless OTTTD sprays a certain charm and does not hesitate to come up with a great sense of humor. You will quickly realize that the story of this game simply is not serious and the irony of the story is quite something. Especially since the graphics are anything but close to reality, the bad conscience of conducting senseless warfare fades away, latest at the first towers get built up.


And yes: You need defensive artillery, if you want to succeed in OTTTD. The invading aliens, fishes, zombies, bears, snails, crabs, pterosaurs, etc. go up in the millions! But after all: Every monster that is killed flushes money in your coffers. Thus you invest the money immediately in your towers. Your opponents principally attack in several waves, what gives you enough time to build up and expand more towers. The Gatling Tower has three configuration levels that reinforce his firepower in a stunning way. The next generation of the Gatling Tower is the so-called Blamwitzer. It is an extremely powerful laser cannon that fires immense rays. The Shock Tower operates in a similar manner. He sends out blinding electric shock, which initially slow down your enemies and ultimately grill them. The Omnicannon is the next stage of the Shock Tower. It throws destructive lightning over long distances. Similarly effective is the rocket launcher, which performs a veritable inferno, particularly when it reaches its third stage. But if you want to fire off the flying beasts at the sky, you need the Anti-Air-Battery, a very impressive extension of the rocket launcher!
The flying Gatling Gun, the so-called Velocadrone, may be very useful as well. But the battle cannot be won without the soldiers of the HEROCORP, whose skills can repair towers and kill off many enemies more efficiently than towers. The Engineer fires a powerful assault rifle and can make each tower to shoot extremely wild for a short time. The Assault has got powerful energy weapons and the capability to kick off a massive shock-wave. Moreover, the Assault provides its surrounding in a very destructive Berserk-Mode! The Recon has good eyes and spots incoming enemies including their skills. If this soldier marks any enemy, an explosive hail of rockets will be unleashed! The Rocketeer caries a rocket launcher by himself and is highly portable due to his jet-packs. The Saboteur, in contrast, leaves behind his explosive surprises directly on the battlefield. But that's not all. By using the earned skill points of the soldiers of OTTTD, you can improve their skills enormously. Thus you increase the impact and strength of different weapons, the firing radius, the accuracy, the rate of fire of special missiles and air support. There is only one rule: Shoot first, then shoot even more!


That may be all well and good with the shooting! But what if the money is running out? Without money, no new towers and no expansion stages can be built up! Luckily the MegaTrainer provides a remedy. By using our Cheats, your money will be frozen to a minimum of 50,000. Thus you are able to implement any extreme stage of development of your towers immediately. The Cheats also make both your towers and soldiers become immortal. And in case you should be in a hurry, then you can activate the One-Hit-Kill. Thus all your enemies will die with just one single strike. Therefore, reach out for OTTTD Trainer and shoot, shoot and shoot even more!


  • Unique skills and special moves for the soldiers and towers
  • Attacks occur in several waves with a clear climax
  • Innovative extensions for soldiers and towers
  • Individual equipment with new weapons
  • Variety of different gun turrets
  • About 75 special challenges
  • Extremely crazy opponents
  • Pretty Graphics


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