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Nexus - The Jupiter Incident: Complex science fiction epic full of innovative ideas!

Nexus - The Jupiter Incident of 2016 made by Nordic Games is a real-time strategy game that clearly focuses on tactics and ship management and not on resource and base management. At the end of the 22nd century the future of the universe is in the hands of a few mega-cooperations. Our MegaTrainer will ensure that you alone will make the race. For its cheats ensure that your tactics will prevail, come what may come...
Game Profile
Publisher: Nordic Games
Developer: Nordic Games, Mithis Games
Release Year: 2004
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

Nexus - The Jupiter Incident Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for ship maneuverability
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
High maneuverability
These codes alter the maneuverability according to your favor!
Infinite subsystem charges
Full energy for your subsystems!
Mega maneuverability
These codes alter the maneuverability according to your favor!
No weapon firing delay
There will be no delays while firing anymore!
Godmode subsystems
These two cheats make both your hull and all subsystems become indestructible!
Godmode hull
These two cheats make both your hull and all subsystems become indestructible!

Special Hint

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The real-time strategy game Nexus - The Jupiter Incident of 2016 is set at the end of the 22nd century. You take on the role of Marcus Cromwell who is an infamous spaceship captain. You stand inevitably in the giant footsteps of your famous father: Richard Cromwell the Elder ran a mission on a colony ship with the meaningful name Noah's Ark. But the mission failed. That is all you know: There was an unexplained incident in a wormhole.
Anyway: The strategy game Nexus - The Jupiter Incident of 2016 celebrates its opening with a separate incident in the orbit of Jupiter. The Jupiter Incident quickly turns into an interstellar war. You lead the command and fight against the Kissaki Syndicate first, a rival mega-companies.
Once you have conquered their base, you come across an ancient alien ship called Angelwing. Its black box has some valuable information for you: The Kissaki have another base in the orbit of Pluto. But a trip there would take years...
However, the alien ship Angelwing manages the trip to Pluto in a few weeks thanks to its IP Drive! But your itinerary turns out completely different than expected: Near Pluto an artificial intelligence sneaks into the systems of your ship and warns your captain of a strange entity called the Mechanoid. The only way out leads through a wormhole...


The real-time strategy game Nexus - The Jupiter Incident of 2016 spins the story even further: The journey into the wormhole catapults your captain Cromwell into the Noah System. In fact this colony is exactly the one that your father has founded, who was believed dead. The inhabitants of the Noah colony hire themselves out as mercenaries for a peace-loving alien race called Vardrag. The Vadrags must defend themselves against the rebellious Raptors and the bloodthirsty Gorgs. But soon all three races have to face a much greater danger: The aforementioned nanomachines, also called Mechanoids, are about to saw chaos and destruction wherever they go.
With a little luck, but especially with a strategical mind, your protagonist Cromwell may manage to save the new earth and all other planets. Therefore he has to eliminate the power source of the Mechanoids – the entity – once and for all.
From mission to mission you'll command a small number of ships that you lead in highly tactical battles. The ships in the strategy-game Nexus - The Jupiter Incident are big and bulky. Therefore, the battles proceed with caution and slowness. Hence these battles create a cinematic atmosphere.
The Black Sun engine provides very impressive visual effects. Bottom line is: Nexus - The Jupiter Incident from the house of Nordic Games stages a spectacular and exciting epic that is retold by the highly tactical battles of the player: The focus lies clearly on tactics and ship management!


Speaking of ship management: A good manager manages his fleet only with the latest MegaTrainer by MegaDev. Because the exclusive Nexus - The Jupiter Incident cheats ensure that your ships are equipped with maximal with shields, weapons, etc. The tactical advantage is clearly obvious. Your defense becomes virtually impenetrable. Your ships always remain fully maneuverable. In addition, you can always fire from all sides and shoot one torpedo after another against your enemies. This is something your opponents won't like at all. But as previously mentioned: The Nexus - The Jupiter Incident Trainer ensures that your tactics will prevail, come what may!


  • Various alien races with genuine weapons systems
  • Focus is clearly on tactics and ship management
  • Slow skirmishes that have to be fought wisely
  • Future of the universe in the 22nd century
  • Extremely complex science fiction world
  • Particularly striking visual effects
  • Spectacular alien weapons
  • Great and exciting epic
  • Cinematic atmosphere
  • High tactical battles
  • Great graphics


Let us take a closer look at the different alien races of Nexus - The Jupiter Incident of Nordic Games: The Vadrags are the most advanced race in the game. They are also the most peaceful race in the universe, but they know to defend themselves: Their cataclysm missiles unleash a veritable hellfire. The Gorgs are the declared mortal enemies of the Vadrags. This bloodthirsty breed is very courageous and seeks destruction. Their siege laser burns up even the thickest shields. The Raptors on the other hand are insurgent Vadrags who are dissatisfied with their government and therefore they have chosen a live of rebellion. The complex sci-fi world of Nexus - The Jupiter Incident offers far more than one might suspect at first glance. This epic is full of innovative ideas!

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