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01.05.2012 • 7 Codes

Need for Speed Underground: That is the work of the devil!

Need for Speed Underground, the highly successful predecessor of Need for Speed Underground 2, offers simply everything that an action-packed racing game really needs! The ultra-hot super cars from the most prestigious car dealerships worldwide may be duly improved in their appearance and their performance, provided that you have accumulated enough money.
Game Profile
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Electronic Arts, EA Black Box, Pocketeers
Release Year: 2003
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Need for Speed Underground Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
money +5.000
With this cheat you can increase at any time your money resp. style-points by the given value.
stylepoints +5.000
With this cheat you can increase at any time your money resp. style-points by the given value.
unlimited Nitro
Provides you with unlimited nitro!
freeze timer
Allows you to freeze the current timer!
one lap only
Activate this cheat before the start of a race and the next race will only have 1 lap.
always first
If you activate this cheat you'll finish the race on place first no matter what's your real position.
Disable cheats
Disables all cheats.

Special Hint

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  • All cheats work for the human player only.



But for incoming money you will have to prove more than enough that your driving skills are good enough to stand the world of illegal street racing. Need for Speed Underground stages a myriad of breakneck events in picturesque nighttime environments! Anyone who wants to ascend to the top elite of the criminal scene will have to earn respect and to demonstrate what a hard-bitten daredevil he is! In the meantime Need for Speed Underground presents a number of different disciplines that offer a lot of exciting challenges...
Need for Speed Underground undoubtedly generates the greatest excitement by fact that most scenarios are all about cruising through very crowded and winded city centers—in defiance of the cops of course! However, who drives a tuned car does not care about traffic rules! Need for Speed Underground is the ultimate expression of feelings for every tuning fan. Whoever provides his racing machines with new wheels, with an innovative Watt-conditioning and a powerful nitrous oxide injection won't recognize his Peugeot 206 anymore. What was used to be a harmless subcompact may very quickly become a veritable bullet that bombs down the roads uncompromisingly. This is especially the reason why the nerve-wracking duels against the other luxury cars and against the cops provide so much fun!


In general: Rewards can be found in Need for Speed Underground for daring maneuvers that shower you with a certain number of points. This currency enhances you to purchase bigger spoilers, flashy paint jobs and many other exciting extras that promise a lot of surprises! Overall, this action racing game features more than 100 different tasks. They include sprints, round courses, knockouts, acceleration competitions and drift championships! Of course, such breakneck enterprises provoke numerous jumps and crashes that are perfectly staged! All requirements can only be met if you will are willing to put the pedal to the metal—and of course you have to master the steering as well! The maximum speed of your car will move towards the 300-km/h mark. This of course means that you have to pay extra attention.
But when it comes to the controls of Need for Speed Underground the game turns out to be a genuine action racing game! The cars stay super-good on the road and the steering reacts precisely to your orders! It has to be that way: The many stunts, drifts, slides and other breakneck maneuvers should eventually reward you with numerous style points. Therefore it is also important to take into account a certain coolness factor. Whoever equips his car with an underbody lighting and with a stunning design will certainly achieve even more style points. Only with these points you may unlock new automobiles and better tuning parts! Whoever has a better tuned set of wheels perhaps does not need to drive in the slipstream of his opponents because he already is faster than any of his opponents! But of course: An increasing speed implicates increasing challenges: The faster you bomb down the asphalt, the less (reaction-) time will remain to avoid the oncoming traffic! You can say what you want, but: Need for Speed Underground must be the work of the devil!


What do you want more? Our MegaTrainer gives you any amount of money and style points! Now you can immediately acquire all upgrades, cars and tuning parts! Our other Need for Speed Underground cheats provide you with an unlimited amount of nitro and ensure that you will finish all races first! In addition, you may freeze the timer at any time and you can reduce each race to only one round! You can say what you want, but one thing is certain: The Need for Speed Underground Trainer provides you with many little extras. And any child can tell you that: The devil is always in the details!


  • Ultra-hot super cars from the most prestigious dealerships worldwide
  • One-off appearance- and performance upgrades for all cars
  • Myriad of breakneck events in picturesque environments
  • Glamorous world of illegal street racing
  • Large amount of exciting challenges
  • Intense and action-packed races

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