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Need for Speed Undercover: A first class action-racing game!

Need for Speed Undercover can probably be compared best with Need for Speed Most Wanted. One thing is for sure: You'll be involved in a lot of spectacular highway races and action-intensive high-speed car chases! But that's not all! Need for Speed Undercover also stages a rousing and Hollywood-style story that is unprecedented. Your protagonist is recruited by an agent in order to infiltrate the criminal street-racing scene and to provide the police with important information.
Game Profile
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Electronic Arts
Release Year: 2008
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Need for Speed Undercover Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Parts unlocked and for free
With this cheat the costs for tuning-parts will be set to 0 and in addition all tuning-parts will be unlocked.
Unlock cars
Using this cheat you can unlock all cars immediately for buying.
Cars for free
Activate this cheat to get all cars for free. If you need money, sell the cars after it.
Unlimited Nitro
As long as one of this kind if cheat is activate, you'll profit from unlimited amount of nitro resp. speedbreaker.
Unlimited Speedbreaker
As long as one of this kind if cheat is activate, you'll profit from unlimited amount of nitro resp. speedbreaker.
Always race first
Activate this cheat when you are in a sprint- or circuit-race. You will be the winner of this race, doesn't matter which place you really are.
Instant escape
As soon as you activate this cheat, each pursuit will be end successfully immediately and each new one will end immediately too, until you disable this cheat.
No wanted level
If you activate this cheat, your level at the police-bar will be frozen to "zero". During this time you can mostly race undisturbed close the police.

Special Hint

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  • All cheats work for the human player only.



Hence over the course of Need for Speed Undercover you will have to play a dangerous dual role: Concerning the ruthless crime syndicate you have to prove that you are a reckless devil-driver. Speaking of the cops, however, you have to accomplish other jobs on the highway that are no less dangerous indeed! While you put your ass behind the wheel of the most famous and most exotic luxury cars of the world, Need for Speed Undercover comes up with an enthralling story of pursuit, action and betrayal...
The first (graphical) impression of Need for Speed Undercover is superior: You enter your first street race after the intro and thus you bomb down the asphalt of the winding road while the entire environment shines in bright sunlight! A feast for the eyes! All effects including the facades, pavements and the vegetation draw much attention to details and are nothing but beautiful! Furthermore in terms of driving behavior Need for Speed Undercover satisfies across the board. Your race car literally sticks on the road! The deeper meaning behind that is that the developers set the focus on uncompromising action and drama. Even a Lamborghini Murcielago is easy to drive and it won't come off track, if you don't make too many mistakes! “Where’s the challenge?“, you may ask. Well: The rapid pace and the dense traffic challenge your reflexes more than enough!


In addition, there is nothing to win in Need for Speed Undercover when you can't manage to drive with your luxury cars on the ideal racing line! Apropos: The selection of the cars is really overwhelming: This game includes all luxury cars from Porsche, Pagani, Mercedes, McLaren, Lotus, Lamborghini, Bugatti, BMW, Lexus, Audi, Aston Martin, Shelby, Pontiac, Plymouth, Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet and from many other popular marques! But of course you have to win many races at first before you may unlock all the many tuning parts, upgrades, cars, driving skills and challenges! Every competition holds out the prospect of a new luxury car or an innovative upgrade that you really want to have. This provides the perfect motivation to risk one breakneck race after another...
And now you also have to imagine that Need for Speed Undercover has wrapped up all its peculiarities in a dramatic and highly exciting story! The spectacular cut-scenes are produced very professionally and they drive the action forward. The participation of famous actors like Maggie Q or Heather Fox accentuate the Hollywood-style story to an extent that can't be described with words-you have to see it with your own eyes! Anyone who goes into the brilliant story absolutely wants to know how it may end! And Need for Speed Undercover comes up with very varied tasks: In addition to the classic road race this brilliant action racing game stages several missions that, for example, make you go on a rampage or crash opponents so long until their cars are wrecked. The innovative game variant Highway Battle stages a brutal duel on the highway where you have to win a certain distance between you and your pursuers. Precision will be particularly required because the traffic is pretty darn close! As mentioned above: Whoever starts this game may witness a first class action racing game!


Incredible: Our MegaTrainer ensures that you will instantly have all the luxury cars and tuning parts without having to unlock them in the first place. In addition, our other Need for Speed Undercover cheats provide you with infinite nitro and speedbreakers. But it gets even better: The remaining cheats empower you to manipulate the wanted level of the cops, to accomplish each flight with a success and even to cross the finishing line first-all the time, of course! The Need for Speed Undercover Trainer definitely provides one thing: Action, action and more action! You just have to put the pedal to the metal!


  • Spectacular highway racing and action-intensive pursuits
  • The most famous and most exotic luxury cars worldwide
  • Gripping story about pursuit, action and betrayal
  • Brilliant cut-scenes with famous actors
  • Rousing and Hollywood-style story
  • Action-focused driving behavior
  • Wonderfully staged effects
  • Impressive graphics

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