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Need for Speed Most Wanted: There can only be one!

Need for Speed: Most Wanted, the absolute top match of 2005, is not to be confused with the eponymous racing spectacle Need for Speed Most Wanted that appeared 7 years later. Anyway: Need for Speed: Most Wanted merges illegal street racing, tuning abilities and high-speed car chases with the police in a spectacular fireworks consisting of thrill, action, excitement and fun.
Game Profile
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Sports
Release Year: 2005
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Need for Speed Most Wanted Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Money +100.000
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value.
Unlimited nitro
As long as one of this kind if cheat is activate, you'll profit from unlimited amount of nitro resp. speedbreaker.
Unlimited speedbreaker
As long as one of this kind if cheat is activate, you'll profit from unlimited amount of nitro resp. speedbreaker.
Never get busted
These two cheats will affect the time until a racer is busted (the red bar).

As racer you should use the "Never busted" option to prevent that the bar get filled and thus the cops cannot arrest you even if you don't drive anymore.

As cop you may use the option "Fast busted" to immeadiately fill the bar when it appears. This way you mostly can arrest the opponents faster. But in some cases the game don't reacts correctly when restrain the opponent and it will start the countdown first when you drive back 1-2m.

Special Hint

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  • All cheats work for the human player only.



As a player, you face the great task of becoming the most wanted hellbent driver of all time. That means in plain text: You enter breath-taking duels against the best racers in the city, perform jaw-dropping stunts, display breakneck manoeuvres and try by all means to keep the cops at bay. Once you start Need for Speed: Most Wanted on your PC you will immediately smell the smack of burned tires and odour of devilish road races... Need for Speed: Most Wanted comes straight to the point. You start your criminal career rather not in a second class wagon, but quite the opposite: You enter Rockport City with a BMW M3 GTR! Now you pursue the goal to build up a reputation in the illegal street racing scene! Of course, you immediately challenge the best driver of the city. If that will go well? Your competitor drives extremely aggressive, tries to push you off the road and he simply has more horsepower. To make matters worse: After a few meters the first blue sirens will appear in your rear-view mirror. Suddenly three policemen block your way and you are forced to dodge into the forest. No matter how you look at it: At the end of your first pursuit you will get caught and arrested. Just for the devilment!


But do not worry: The attractive Mia soon helps you out of jail and you start again from scratch. First you choose a favourite car from several well-known models and begin your career anew. If you really want to bring the best drivers of the city to their knees, then you will have to fight your way upwards on the list of most wanted drivers. Meanwhile Need for Speed: Most Wanted narrates fulminant street racer stories that reveal a lot about the background of the individual drivers and the city. The cut scenes were shot with real actors and thus they really provide an additional entertainment. But the most fun is to defeat one devil driver after another and to beef up your hellish cars!
But that will not be easy: The routes of Need for Speed: Most Wanted are extremely hilly and curvy. Furthermore the game only forgives very few driving mistakes, regardless of whether you play round-, sprint-, knockout- or quarter-mile races! The tollbooth tournament is all about keeping the cops at bay as good as you can. The speed traps mode can only be won if you'll race through the traps much faster than your competition. Variety is guaranteed! During many scenarios it is even more exciting not only to keep the cops at bay but to destroy their cars instead. If you crash them often enough, their speedsters will be blown to kingdom come. However, these pursuits will even become more spectacular if you take advantage of the many opportunities that Need for Speed: Most Wanted offers. That means in plain text: You will ram gas stations, water towers or donut shops. Then you will just watch with pleasure as the cars of the cops are crushed by the wreckages and are consumed by the flames. But this fun comes at a price: Your head money will increase tremendously and thus the races against the other drivers will become more demanding! But what the heck: At the end there can only be one anyway!


With our MegaTrainer you get so much money that you can actually buy any car and any tuning option that this game has to offer. In addition, our unique Need for Speed Most Wanted cheats provide you with infinite nitro and speed breaker. Thus you will keep any competitor and any cop at bay very easily. Apropos: Finally another cheat ensures that you'll never get arrested again. What a blessing: If you aren’t already the best driver in the city, then the Need for Speed Most Wanted Trainer will make you become it!


  • Spectacular fireworks of thrill, action, excitement and fun
  • Daring stunts and breakneck manoeuvres
  • Breath-taking duels against the best racers
  • Illegal street racing and individual tuning
  • Incredibly fast cut scenes with real actors
  • High-speed car chases with the police
  • Interesting background stories
  • Spectacular graphics

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