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01.05.2012 • 7 Codes

Need for SpeedCarbon: Extremely exciting and tremendously challenging

Need for Speed Carbon is the direct successor to Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2. These Need for Speed Carbon cheats of our MegaTrainer equip your protagonists with an infinite amount of money, hence he can use all tuning options and other upgrades immediately!
Game Profile
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Canada, EA Black Box, EA Bright Light, Rovio Entertainment, Exient Entertainment, Team Fusion, Pocketeers
Release Year: 2006
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Need for Speed Carbon Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Freeze money (1 Mio.)
Activate this cheat and go to the „hiding place“. Your amount of money will be set automatically to the given value.
Unlimited nitro
As long as one of this kind if cheat is activate, you'll profit from unlimited amount of nitro resp. speedbreaker.
Unlimited speedbreaker
As long as one of this kind if cheat is activate, you'll profit from unlimited amount of nitro resp. speedbreaker.
Always race 1st
If you activate this cheat you'll finish the race on place first no matter what's your real position.
Never get busted
If you've activated this cheat, you cannot be busted by the police, even if your car will stop.
Instant escape
As long as this cheat is activ, each pursuit will finished with successful escape immediately.
Disable cheats
Disables all cheats.

Special Hint

Created by:
  • All cheats work for the human player only.



Location and storyline

Once again, the developers augur great genius by giving their fans the most dangerous and adrenaline-loaded races imaginable. Together with a crew consisting of daredevils you are about to join very merciless races that will demand everything you've got. Unexpectedly and without the possibility of withdrawal the protagonist of Need for Speed Carbon gets entangled in a brutal street fight. Several criminal gangs compete for supremacy of the entire city. Demonstrating good manners the war is fought on the street with hellish racing cars. Thus you have to challenge infernal races inside and outside the city so you can save the day. The epic campaign of Need for Speed Carbon provides you with enormous challenges that occur in a wicked world that is sucked into the whirlpool of rivaling gangs and corrupt cops… The very location of all the intrigues, rivalries and races is the beautiful Palmont City. The picturesque metropolis is divided into four areas, each of which is ruled by a criminal gang. Hostile areas and regions can exclusively be conquered by finishing races in first. What begins with capturing small blocks finally ends with taking over entire quarters. Your nemesis is Darius the head honcho who has slandered you to the police. Now he is rolling in cash and you have a lot of problems on your hands. The very exciting and extremely twisted story of Need for Speed Carbon is driven forward by fantastic cut-scenes. The video recordings were filmed with real actors and are staged in such a brilliant way that you shouldn’t dare to simply click them away!


However, your daily life is dominated by high-speed car chases with the police and by illegal street races against rivaling gang members. But this time you're not alone. Need for Speed Carbon enhances you to recruit a team of daredevil drivers-and each of them comes up with highly individual skills. Your scouts are searching the track in order to find shortcuts and display them for you according to the map. Your drafters drive right in front of you on request, put yourself in their slipstream and thus help you to attain top speed. Your blockers are just waiting for your signal: They will ram opposing cars off the track and, if necessary, they will cause a multiple pile-up. Even if they do not drive at your side, your clever helpers will provide you with all the crucial information via radio and warn you about enemy attacks. Thanks to this cheerful crew-features the developers of Need for Speed Carbon created a brand new and innovative tactical element. Therefore it is very important to adjust your tactics just before each competition. Thus you have to decide which team members are to be placed on the slopes. Who relies on speed requires drafters. Who trusts in abbreviations needs scouts. And who prefers brute force places blockers. For in Need for Speed Carbon every race really is damn important. Victory and defeat decide about the conquest of territories. In addition to the classic races over several laps, Need for Speed Carbon stages other very exciting modes like high-speed checkpoint tournaments, radar trap competitions and of course drift championships. Hopefully you have tuned your infernal racer good enough! But particularly impressive are the new canyon races. This ingenious game mode prompts you to chase your counterpart on extremely steep and narrow mountain passes. Sometimes you are the hunter, sometimes you are the hunted! Who veers off the street loses! The canyon races basically act as the model for the entire game: They are extremely exciting and tremendously challenging!


Our MegaTrainer equips your protagonists with an infinite amount of money, thus he can use all tuning options and other upgrades immediately. The other Need for Speed Carbon cheats make sure that you can take flight at any time and that you never get arrested. In addition, your race car is now equipped with infinite nitro and speedbreakers. But the best for last: A special Need for Speed Carbon cheat makes it possible that you always finish first-at every race, regardless of the time your car passes the finish line! Thus it is quite clear: The Need for Speed Carbon Trainer makes your driving experience more extreme than you could’ve ever imagined!


  • High-speed checkpoint tournaments, speed traps competitions, drift championships Dangerous, ruthless and adrenalin-loaded street races
  • Epic campaign with cinema-esque cut-scenes
  • Whirlpool of rival gangs and corrupt cops
  • Brutal street races for the entire city
  • Extremely exciting canyon races
  • Extensive tuning options
  • Wonderful graphics

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