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20.04.2016 • 3 Codes

Mushroom Wars: Soldiers that spring up like mushrooms!

The imaginative real-time strategy game Mushroom Wars appears for the PC on April 07, 2016 exclusively on Steam. The object of the game is to storm the villages or bases of your opponent by simply outnumbering them. But you will have to recruit enough soldiers in your own villages in the first place. By the cheats of our MegaTrainer this won't be a problem anymore. Thanks to these codes all soldiers will be raised tremendously in any village of yours!
Game Profile
Publisher: Zillion Whales
Developer: Zillion Whales, Creat Studios
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Mushroom Wars Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Minimum 9 units per mushroom/building
These codes make all units in all your buildings to be set to the respective value!
Instant upgrades
With this cheat code you can perform all upgrades immediately!
Always 99 units per mushroom/building
These codes make all units in all your buildings to be set to the respective value!

Special Hint

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It is not so easy to find the correct classification for Mushroom Wars! Is it a real-time strategy game? A tower defense? A tower offense? A Hack & Slay game? A mixture of all four genres probably comes closest to the reality of Mushroom Wars. One thing is certain: This interesting genre-mix is very difficult to compare to other games.
But what is it all about anyway? Impersonating a fearless general and supreme commander you lead the control of a colossal mushroom army. Your soldiers are encouraged to fight enemy tribes, conquer enemy settlements, set up dangerous towers, forts and shields for defense and to increase the units of your mushroom army in order to dominate all battle fields ultimately.
The intuitive control blends seamlessly with the challenging gameplay. The mixing of the different games genres is truly a success!


Nevertheless: The fact that the game appeared on Android first can't be recognized anymore. The gameplay of Mushroom Wars of 2016 was largely inspired by the space game Galcon. The focus is set on capturing enemy villages and buildings by a targeted elimination of the enemy defense systems. In reality, the Hack & Slay game Mushroom Wars follows one rule: You have to overwhelm the enemy defenses by outnumbering them with a superiority of own soldiers.
In general, all your villages produce a specific amount of soldiers as long as a certain population limit hasn't been reached yet. If you ever reach the limit you will have to move your soldiers either in another base or you start a village upgrade. But you need money and soldiers more or less as payment. Each village upgrade ensures that you can recruit more units and soldiers.
And even if you have already reached the limit of units, you can deploy more soldiers in your village anyway. This may especially seem wise, just before you command an attack on an surrounding enemy village.
But beware: All villages in the game – including those of the enemy – are protected by powerful towers. The towers can accommodate soldiers as well as they are able to hurl some stones on the invading armies. They can of course be upgraded with great specials and bonuses, too. The same goes for your forges. Each forge can absorb a limited amount of soldiers. The attack capability and defense opportunities of your warriors is then enhanced enormously. Either way, one thing is clear: The gameplay of Mushroom Wars goes far beyond the playful possibilities of the space-game Galcon.


Speaking of playful options: Use our latest MegaTrainer and you'll get unlimited prospects here. Together with our unique Mushroom Wars cheats you will increase the units in all villages and bases at any time. That means in plain text: In the future, each of your building has got at least 99 soldiers; isn't that wonderful? But we still hold ready another surprise for you. By using another cheat code you can always enable any upgrade for all your towers, villages and forges, even if you don't have the necessary resources yet. Well, as mentioned above: The ultimate Mushroom Wars Trainer opens up entirely new possibilities to play this unique spectacle!


  • Capturing enemy villages by a selective elimination of the defense systems
  • Interesting mixture of Hack & Slay-, real-time and tower-defense games
  • Three genuine game modes: Campaign, Skirmish and multi-player
  • Gameplay largely inspired by the space game Galcon
  • Videos over videos and news over news online
  • Three intriguing and varied difficulty levels
  • Simple and intuitive control (Android port)
  • Hard to compare with other games
  • Atmospheric graphics and sound


Mushroom Wars appeared only for Android before it was released for PC. But you won't even recognize its android character. The only feature that probably may be regarded as remnants of the Android version is the fact that the control is very easy – at least compared to similar games. But a simple and intuitive interface can also be interpreted as advantage, don't you think? Nevertheless, one thing is certain: All three games modes – campaign, skirmish and multi-player – are wonderfully staged top-to-bottom and the three difficulty levels provide plenty of variety. Thus, the enthralling war of mushrooms can finally begin. May we hope that your soldiers are springing up like mushrooms...

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