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Murdered Soul Suspect: Solve the Mystery of your own Murder Case!

Yes, you have read right: Murdered Soul Suspect actually sends you on a mysterious journey, on which you have to discover the most complex murder case of all time - out of the afterlife: Your hero was shot in the back and of course he burns to find out who it was and why?
Game Profile
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Airtight Games
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

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With the godmode in Murdered Soul Suspect it doesn't matter anymore if demons notice you or not, because you'll be immortal and can ignore them.

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After all, you already know him by the name of Bell murderer. In your last days you even have looked for him, since you have once been the respected Detective Ronan O'Connor. But before you get access to the realm of eternity, you have to finish your unfinished case: Get hold of the bell murderer and tack down the real master mind... Enjoying Murdered Soul Suspect, your hero is equipped with various ghosts` skills. He constantly meets people who can see ghosts and help him.


Mainly you wander through the city of Salem and watch out for clues in picturesque wooden houses, narrow streets, gothic churches and the insane asylum. You constantly have to fight against vicious demons in order to save your soul and to uncover shocking revelations about your murder case. Thanks to your supernatural powers you take possession of various people, read in their thoughts, affect their behavior, just to find out what they know. You can always go through walls and use teleportation techniques. It is often helpful to consult the dead or to misbehave as Poltergeist. Murdered Soul Suspect stages enormous tension and a hell of a variety. On the contrary, you find yourself in the middle of a harrowing thriller in which you will solve the mystery of your own murder case.


The MegaTrainer keeps one special Cheat ready: The Godmode. Thus even the vicious demons cannot damage your soul anymore. Since you are totally on your own, at least the Murdered Soul Suspect Trainer covers your ass.


  • A gripping thriller telling your own murder
  • Atmospheric graphical implementation
  • Tension and variety of first order
  • Unique mind abilities

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