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Mortal Kombat X: Brutal, epic and simply divine!

The exciting campaign of Mortal Kombat X goes right through you! The epic story revolving around gods, warriors, the human- and the outside-world, contains numerous cut-scenes that will not only you, but will also oblige to interact from time to time.
Game Profile
Publisher: WB Games
Developer: NetherRealm Studios
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Mortal Kombat X Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite round-timer
Disables the round-timer!
999.999 coins in krypt
Provides you with numerous coins, Fatalities and fight skips!
Infinite X-Ray player 1
Adjusts the X-Ray-level of the according player up/down!
Infinite X-Ray player 2
Adjusts the X-Ray-level of the according player up/down!
No X-Ray player 1
Adjusts the X-Ray-level of the according player up/down!
No X-Ray player 2
Adjusts the X-Ray-level of the according player up/down!
99 Easy fatalities and fight skips in krypt
Provides you with numerous coins, Fatalities and fight skips!
Godmode player 1
Turns the according fighter immortal!
Godmode player 2
Turns the according fighter immortal!
One-Hit-Kill player 1
The One-Hit-Kill has an effect on the according player!
One-Hit-Kill player 2
The One-Hit-Kill has an effect on the according player!

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After enjoying the bloody spectacle of Mortal Kombat - Komplete Edition, the fans can now rejoice playing the 10th installment of the series. Mortal Kombat X generates itself as an epic blockbuster, in which you take up the fight during bloody battles, which could not be more action-packed. In addition to other refreshing game modes, Mortal Kombat X has integrated all beloved characters, including their extreme combo attacks and brutal finishers… At the beginning of the story, you jump into the role of Johnny Cage, in order to stop to dark god Shinnok. This one has unleashed a war of gods and only the fighters of Mortal Kombat X can stop him. Now you have to prove that you can master the tricky combinations of fast fist- and kick-attacks. After you have managed to lock up the dark Shinnok in his magical amulet, the war between the human- and the outside-world is not over! While Mileena conducts war in the outside-world, the dark wizard Quan Chi follows in Shinnok’s footsteps. Now everything is up to you: By undertaking a long journey through the human- and the outside-world, passing various time levels, you have to fight many battles with completely different characters. Maybe you can make peace, both in the human- and in the outside-world! But no matter how fate will take its course: Mortal Kombat X stays brutal, epic and simply divine!


All games of the series became famous and infamous due to the brutal finishers of the certain fighters! Speaking of Mortal Kombat X, this game is no exception! Each character performs very own special moves, to send opponents back to hell. Take, for example, Liu Kang! The martial arts specialist gets rid of his enemies in a very brutal way. While the other fighter is unconscious, Liu Kang strikes with lightning speed: He pulls his victim's throat out, only to put it back into his mouth and finally throws his opponent to the ground! The mighty Goro chooses a different approach: This Fighter kicks his opponent's head off, tears up his abdomen and puts the head right in there, leaving the adversary for the crows.The dark wizard Quan Chi uses a finer methodology, in which he keeps his hands clean. By performing magic, he not only makes his sword float, but also hypnotizes his victim so that his enemy runs into his sword and gets split into two halves. Something similar is performed by Kung Lau with his Asian hat: The hat spins so fast that it acts like a circular saw and splits the head of this opposer in two halves! Other fighters make use of more modern technology. Just take the gunslinger Erron Black. He shoots his victim a hole in the stomach, throws a sand-grenade into the wound and watches with great amusement as his victim spits the sand out of all possible openings. The specialties of the other opponents are for us to know and for you to find out! At least until you throw yourself into the epic campaign of Mortal Kombat X. The cinematic adventure sends you on a journey through the complete Mortel Kombat universe. There, you fight with all sorts of fighters, in the past, the present and the future! The staging of this gripping story takes place on multiple time levels. While you imagine yourself to be in an epic movie with excess length, you fight all sorts of brutal battles all by controlling several fighters from Mortal Kombat X! The campaign of this action fighter couldn't be more varied! It’s even possible for you to intervene during the masterfully staged cut-scenes, whereby some scenarios may change due to your action! Therefore, if you wanted to just skip the cut-scenes, you should keep in mind: You’ll miss a great blockbuster!


Exactly. The Cheats of our MegaTrainer make your fighters become the best in the world! First of all, you can always freeze the lap timer and get maximum coins. In addition, you'll receive all the easy Fatalities. Using these two Cheats, you can perform any special combo much easier and much more often! But that's not everything: You can always increase your X-Ray Level up to a maximum value and keep the enemy’s down. Afterwards, you are the only one, who performs special attacks! What a blessing! Last but not least, our Cheat provide you with the ability to become immortal and destroy your enemies just with one single hit! As it was said, there is only one God: The one who uses the Mortal Kombat X Trainer!


  • Variety of very special fighters and demi-gods
  • Campaign through multiple time levels
  • Great, cinematic cut-scenes
  • Extremely brutal finishers
  • Especially gripping story
  • Unique combo attacks
  • Action-packed battles
  • Perfect graphics

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