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25.04.2019 • 18 Codes
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Publisher: Sparks Games
Developer: Sparks Games
Release Year: 2019
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Metaverse Keeper Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
This cheat prepares the game for the other cheats. For this reason it's necessary to activate this one first, because otherwise the other cheats won't work!
+10 Coins
Increases your coins by the displayed value!
Reset Coins to 0
Resets the previously mentioned attributes back to 0!
Low Health
Limits your health to a low level.
+100 Coins
Increases your coins by the displayed value!
+1 Bomb
Increases your items, according to the displayed value.
+10 Cassettes (Souls)
Increases the mentioned points according to the displayed value.
Refill Health
Instantly replinshes your health and heals you!
+100 Cassettes (Souls)
Increases the above mentioned points according to the displayed value!
Infinite Vitality
Refills your vitality!
Infinite Shield
Provides you with unlimited shields!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
No Skill Cooldown
If you activate this cheat, the ability-cooldown is completed immediately.
No Attack Cooldown
If you activate this cheat, the ability-cooldown is completed immediately.
No Bomb Cooldown
If you activate this cheat, the ability-cooldown is completed immediately.

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Metaverse Keeper: 4 Heroes and the Metaverse!

Metaverse Keeper is a 2019 indie-rogue-lite-dungeon-crawler-video-game. Four heroes from different universes and with different abilities were tasked with protecting and defending the Metaverse. Choose one of the four heroes and plunge into battle. Fight against aliens, huge monsters and a constantly changing game world. Our 2019 MegaTrainer supports your squad with exclusive Premium-Training-Codes and Cheats.


Long before the events in the video-game Metaverse Keeper, there was a planet called Noah. The population of the planet was considered to be the most advanced species in the universe. One day, however, they realized that their home was doomed to destruction due to a catastrophic event. There was a hero who was able to avert this event by using the technology and all the knowledge of his people and changing space-time. Although he managed to save Noah, he created the Metaverse by bending the rest of the universe and wildly throwing the other planets together. Since that incident, no one has heard of the hero and eons have passed. Suddenly, however, he reappeared with a new name and a new intention: he is The Boss and his goal is to destroy the entire Metaverse. To stop him, the government searches for new heroes who can stand up to him. In the video-game Metaverse Keeper four heroes from four different worlds announce themselves to take over this task.


The video-game Metaverse Keeper Cheats is a mix of action-adventure and role-playing-game. You have four different characters with different abilities at your disposal, with which you can take part in the adventure. You'll find randomly generated levels filled with the craziest enemies and bosses. Every time you die in the video-game Metaverse Keeper Cheats, the entire arrangement of the levels changes.


The 18 helpful Metaverse Keeper Cheats from our awesome Metaverse Keeper Trainer help you defeat The Boss and save the metaverse from destruction! Do you have too little money, bombs or souls? Then use our Coins, Bombs, and Cassettes Cheats. Also, our Cheats allow you to easily refill your Health and Shields. Our Cooldown Cheats speed up the gameplay a bit for you.


  • 4 main characters with different abilities
  • 85 unlockable Steam Achievements
  • Randomly generated worlds
  • Customize your weapons
  • Fight crazy monsters
  • Co-op mode


The video-game Metaverse Keeper is an action-adventure-RPG. The game was developed and published by the US-indie-video-game-developer Sparks Games and has been in Early Access on Steam since April 11, 2019. Metaverse Keeper is available for Microsoft Windows and MAC OS X.

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