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26.09.2018 • 12 Codes

Megaquarium: The largest and most beautiful aquarium in the world!

In the theme-park-management-simulation-video-game Megaquarium you are the curator for your very own aquarium. Build new tanks, take care of your fish, employees, and guests. Your tanks can be filled with over 100 different marine creatures. It's a long way from a small tank to a mega aquarium metropolis, but our 2018 MegaTrainer accompanies you every step of the way with exclusive balancing codes.
Game Profile
Publisher: Twice Circled
Developer: Twice Circled
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Megaquarium Cheats



The video-game Megaquarium is all about building an aquarium like the well-known Seaworld. You start with only a few tanks, but in the course of the game you´ll attract more and more visitors and thus you can expand your aquarium and fill it with more exotic creatures. Since the video-game Megaquarium is a simulation game, the management of your aquarium and your employees plays an important role too.


For beginners, the video-game Megaquarium offers an extensive tutorial campaign with a total of ten levels. As soon as you have internalized the game mechanics, you can start to expand your aquarium. Hire personnel and instruct them through staff talks, which will also increase your score. For a successful company, it is, of course, important to attract visitors. You do this by making your aquarium look nice and appealing by using the decoration system with over 100 different decoration objects. The more customers you have, the more income you receive, with which you can buy new tanks, fish and other aquatic creatures. In the video-game Megaquarium 97 different species of exotic and native animals are available to you.


In the video-game Megaquarium you have to take care of your aquarium on your own. You are responsible for the complete administration and whether the business is running or not. Our great Megaquarium Trainer which includes 7 different Megaquarium Cheats gladly helps you out with that! Our Minimum of 10.000 Dollar and Minimum of 100.000 Dollars Cheats rises your credit to the mentioned value and our other Money cheats increase it by 10.000, 50.000 or 100.000. If you want to unlock all materials and items immediately, without having to spend money, just use our Everything Unlocked Cheat, with which you can upgrade your aquarium completely, without further ado!


  • Theming and decoration system with many functions
  • Increase your score through employee interviews
  • Sandbox mode with random challenge generator
  • 15 unlockable Steam-Achievements
  • Tutorial campaign with 10 levels
  • Over 100 placeable objects
  • 97 types of animals


The video-game Megaquarium is a simulation-management-game developed and published by the British indie-developer-studio Twice Circled. The game works similar to the management-games RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 and Two Point Hospital and also offers great modding support. Megaquarium has been on the market since 13 September 2018 and is available for Microsoft Windows.

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