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15.03.2016 • 4 Codes

Massive Chalice: This one's got its fingers on the pulse of the time!

Massive Chalice of 2015 is a highly tactical strategy game that you'll have to master over generations. Being an immortal leader your responsibility is great: You have to lead your nation, guide your heroes and conclude favorable marriages to strengthen your bloodline. After all, the ultimate war against the mysterious enemy is going to last more than 300 years! Our cheats cannot shorten this long time, but this MegaTrainer offers something much better: By using its codes you will be enhanced to move any distance and to attack as often as you want per each round. Therefore the 300 years will fly by...
Game Profile
Publisher: Double Fine Productions
Developer: Double Fine Productions
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Massive Chalice Cheats

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Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
For these two cheats applies: The One-Hit-Kill should and the cheat for infnite AP has to be deactivated before the round ends!
Infinite AP
For these two cheats applies: The One-Hit-Kill should and the cheat for infnite AP has to be deactivated before the round ends!

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A colossal war that goes over three centuries? How does the turn-based strategy game Massive Chalice from 2015 come up with such a scenario? Well, suffice to say: The massive war that ignites in this game is not an ordinary war. It overshadows all known from similar games of the genre!
Without any warning your enemies – aka the Cadence – are about to invade your kingdom and to oppress your country and your people. The pronounced malignant species has stationed its troops strategically around your whole nation. Your country and its inhabitants are trapped in a hellish pocket that takes away the air to breathe. There is no way to escape!
At least until you appear on the scene of warfare: For you are the true leader of the heroes of Massive Chalice. You alone may unite them and assemble their forces. Only you can lead the heroes to their destiny and make them reach out for their fullest potential.
Very soon your first days of warfare will become years and these first years will soon become centuries: During this long period of time you'll have to do much more than just to fight battles...


As mentioned already: The video game Massive Chalice of 2015 is assigned for being played over generations. The creative scope is not yet known from any other games. The development and strength of your bloodline affects the course of the game Massive Chalice very heavily. Your decisions have a direct impact on the strengths and weaknesses of your heroes. But being an immortal leader, of course, you have to do more than just to organize the survival of your dynasty.
It will be very important that you expand the knowledge and skills of your nation and that you run some research eagerly. The research options are diverse and only they enhance a gradual development and expansion of your armors, weapons and soldiers. If you want to bring your omnipresent opponents to their knees, you will have to prove that your people won't give up at any costs.
All those things that you build up tediously and that you craft carefully can be passed from generation to generation. Be it weapons, shields or skills. Therefore, it is particularly important to think in long periods.
Long-view strategy is the order of the day: The little three-year rug rat that you have brought into the world will soon be your most powerful melee fighter – so much sooner than you may possibly think! This game turns only those into heroes that play with foresight...


Logically, those decisions just rest with you and can't be met by our current MegaTrainer of 2016. You have to meet all decisions by yourself. Hence, why not prefer this decision as well? The brand new Massive Chalice cheats of 2016 are exclusively to have on our home page! These codes ensure that your heroes may move over any distance and attack as many times as you wish – and that from round to round and battle to battle! In addition, we offer you here on our home page the unique One-Hit-Kill. Thus, all your enemies will die from the slightest breath. What a fun! Well, if you enable the Massive Chalice Trainer of 2016, the 300 years war will proceed with a motivating pace. Thus you help your bloodline to achieve an unexpected strength


  • Impressive arsenal of innovative weapons and armors
  • Very difficult to compare with other games
  • Ultimate war lasting more than 300 years
  • Increasing challenges of battle to battle
  • Achievements over achievements
  • Plenty of formative decisions
  • Very diverse research options
  • Generation-spanning war
  • Highly tactical battles


Already in 2013 the strategy game Massive Chalice has reached the center of the Kickstarter campaign of Double Fine Productions. The developers and publishers have learned from their past mistakes – see the debut of Broken Age – and involved the critics of their sponsors and donors to the development process very early. After a big wave of requests, for example, the possibility of same-sex marriage was integrated into the gameplay of 2015. That is exactly the advantage, if Kickstarter projects expose their actions to a wider audience as early as possible. Had the game been developed to the end, then it would have been much more expensive to implement such a feature later. Therefore, those in charge of Double Fine have done everything right with this release of 2015: By following such a philosophy of games development they really have got their fingers on the pulse of the time. Therefore they even guide future games into the right way, far beyond the current year 2016!

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