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29.10.2018 • 15 Codes
Game Profile
Publisher: Eggcode
Developer: Eggcode
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Mad Tower Tycoon Cheats


Mad Tower Tycoon: Design your own skyscraper!

In Mad Tower Tycoon you can build and design your own skyscraper, with more than 100 different floors. The video-game gives you complete freedom when it comes to renting your floors, supermarket, cinema, offices, etc., you decide who gets to rent in your beautiful tower. Create a complex and smooth transport network of stairs, elevators, and floors. Our 2018 MegaTrainer and our Balancing-Codes give you even more freedom in designing and running your building!


The video-game Mad Tower Tycoon is, like in Project Highrise, all about building the highest possible skyscraper. Attract visitors by filling your skyscraper with fun activities. In the video-game Mad Tower Tycoon you also have to take care of the maintenance of your rooms and make sure that your visitors are satisfied at all times and receive the best service.


In the video-game Mad Tower Tycoon it is your task to build your own skyscraper. You can build over 100 floors and fill them with different rooms to satisfy the needs of your visitors. Build offices, apartments, cinemas, shops, underground garages or even zoos and rent them out to earn money. If you are successful in the video-game Mad Tower Tycoon, you will receive the coveted 6-star award for your skyscraper. The game also has daily changing tasks, which will give you experience points after you successfully completed them.


In the video-game Mad Tower Tycoon you have to take care of the entire construction and maintenance of your own skyscraper. To make sure that you fulfill everything to the satisfaction of your visitors, you can simply use our 15 handmade Mad Tower Tycoon Cheats from our great Mad Tower Tycoon Trainer! Our Money Cheats increase your account balance by 50,000, 150,000 or 250,000 or reset it to 0 if you want. The same applies to our Experience Points and Skill Points Cheats. Our Resource Cheats increase your Electricity, Water, Multimedia and Prestige by 100 each and our Level Cheat and our Star Cheat increases your level and your amount of stars by 1 each!


  • Get the 6-star award for your building
  • Meet the needs of your visitors
  • Build your own skyscraper
  • Unlock over 50 skills
  • Build over 100 floors
  • Daily changing tasks
  • Rent your rooms


The video-game Mad Tower Tycoon is a strategy-simulation-game that has been in Early-Access since October 18, 2018, and is developed and patched regularly by the German indie-developer-studio Eggcode. The game was also published by Eggcode and is available for Microsoft Windows.

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