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01.05.2012 • 3 Codes

Lucius: A truly hellish spectacle!

Lucius is an ice-cold horror-adventure spectacle that makes you sweat bullets. You take on the role of patron Lucius, a descendant of master Lucifer himself.
Game Profile
Publisher: Shiver Games
Developer: Shiver Games
Release Year: 2012
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Lucius Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite usages of music box
This cheat provides an infinite usage of the music box!
Infinite power
This cheat provides you with unlimited power/mana!
No detection
The cheat "no detection" works day and night against other characters: Thus you can use all powers directly in front of them!
But: This cheat does not work with the parents at night!!!

Special Hint

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In Lucius you receive hellish orders of your prominent father: The lord of hell demands nothing more than to gather thousands of innocent souls. Thus it occurs that you might kill off many innocent people with very extraordinary means just to obey the commands of your father. The varied missions of Lucius challenge you with tricky puzzles that are sometimes only to be solved by the proper use of your magical abilities! This brilliant mixture between a point&click adventure game and a classic first-person shooter is truly hellish! The diabolical game Lucius provides its players with an evident hellish story: It is the year 1970. The little Lucius, who was born on 06/06/66, gets a surprise visit from his father on his birthday party. The lord of hell supplies him with supernatural powers. Then he demands from his offspring nothing less than to murder his earthly family together with all employees of their big house. Said and done: Immediately you will use your new skills-that include telekinesis, fire magic and mind control-for the sole purpose to stage deadly accidents. Your creativity and your ingenuity almost are unlimited in this very game! In addition, every successfully achieved murderer will improve your skills!


To make sure that the horror-adventure Lucius never gets boring the missions integrate a lot of tricky puzzles that have to be solved by the combination of various abilities. It is very important that the small Lucius is always on guard and that his devilish plans do not get busted. Therefore, the missions of Lucius contain many scenarios where you have to sneak and to take cover. Therefore, do not forget: The Darkness is your friend! Between the individual killing scenarios you get plenty of time to brows the count's mansion for practical items and objects that will help you to stage the next “accident”. It is highly recommended to proceed very tactically. In addition, you should remove all the evidence from the crime scenes that might involve your persona. Luckily there are spoken sequences that will regularly inform you about the progress of the police investigation. If Lucius’ cover is blown up, you will have to restart the mission. But you'll avoid this scenario, right? The nice thing about this game is the offered variety of options that you may use to stage very creative “accidents”. Many objects and items can be combined in amazing ways! Then there are the supernatural abilities of the young devil that provide the gameplay with the desired variety and depth. The graphics underline the infernal atmosphere very impressively: Even if all the action takes place on a large scale property, the different times of day and the spontaneous weather changes provide an original atmosphere that can teach the real meaning of fear. Conclusion: Lucius is and remains a hellish spectacle that is also great fun due to its ironic humour!


Let’s make this infernal spectacle a little bit more diabolical: Once you activate our MegaTrainer you get infinitely more power: Thus you can move any number of objects telekinetically! The other unique Lucius cheats make sure that you'll never be detected and that you can use the music box as often as you want! Therefore you can use all your special forces without being noticed by your fellow man. However, you will need the music box to track down useful objects in your environment. Thus you can probably concoct the most diabolical plans to stage “accidents” that come to your mind. As previously mentioned: The Lucius Trainer is truly a hellish gift!


  • Brilliant mix of point&click adventure game and first-person shooter
  • Unique supernatural powers with great opportunities
  • Pronounced creative staging of fatal accidents
  • Telekinesis, fire magic and mind control
  • Varied and challenging mission design
  • Ice-cold horror-adventure spectacle
  • Myriad of mind-bending puzzles
  • Atmospheric graphics

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