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01.05.2012 • 4 Codes

Lords of the Black Sun: Make your Way, being the Ruler of Space...

Lords of the Black Sun is one of the few space strategy games that meets the high demands of other representatives of this genre, such as Horizon or Endless Space. But in terms of complexity and gigantism, Lords of the Black Sun can be considered as second to none: Impersonating the ruler of a selected people you explore the expanses of the galaxy, colonize new star systems, organize and manage your gigantic empire and annihilate anyone who dares to oppose your sovereignty...
Game Profile
Publisher: Iceberg Interactive
Developer: Arkavi Studios
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Lords of the Black Sun Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
5.000.000 BC
With these cheats you can instantly set and freeze your money (BC) and glory according to the displayed value!
100.000 Glory
With these cheats you can instantly set and freeze your money (BC) and glory according to the displayed value!
Instant build (current planet)
If you activate the build-cheat, the whole production-queue of each planet you visit (view with production-queue) will be completed immediately. After you disabled the cheat, the planet will still have enough overrun to complete one additional product.
Instant research (on select)
The research-cheat is working in the moment you confirm a tech for research and directly complete it in this moment. This way you can research the whole tree in only 1 turn.

Special Hint

Created by:
  • All Lords of the Black Sun cheats will work for the human player only.



In the vastness of the universe you will explore many dark secrets and powerful artifacts that you can skillfully use for your purposes. But also attaining yours ends by diplomacy is of vital importance, mastering Lords of the Black Sun. It is up to you whether you fight the infamous space-pirates or you do business with them. Moreover, you constantly look out for allies, in order to plan and perform hellish plots. Whenever an enemy empire is eager to whip out yourself, you just send the agents of your intelligence, thus to find out their weaknesses.


Besides this outside dangers, there are seething some powder barrels concerning your inner affairs: Their explosions have to be prevented! If you want to thwart protest of your peoples, you will always have to make your residents happy. But even if your administration works in an exemplary manner, it woll not guarantee that no rebel factions renegade within your borders! In the depths of outer space, only the mightiest ruler will make his way!


Four special Cheats, that our MegaTrainer provides, supply you with infinite money, enough glory, the immediate construction and the immediate research! Now you are filthy rich, perform any diplomatic action, build up all the buildings at once and instantly explore all technologies. The Lords of the Black Sun Trainer offers you the four key pillars to provide ultimate domination!


  • Eight nations with unique ships, technologies and skills
  • Complex economic and diplomacy system
  • Extensive multi-player mode
  • Huge turn-based combats
  • Stunning graphics

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