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09.09.2016 • 4 Codes
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Publisher: Bitbox
Developer: Mindillusion
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Life is Feudal - Forest Village Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Minimum 10 goods in storage
If you activate this cheat, the resources of each building you select will be set to a higher value.
Minimum 100 goods in storage
If you activate this cheat, the resources of each building you select will be set to a higher value.
Mega storage capacity
By this you will have a full storage all the time and you may even increase the capacity of your storage at will!
Fast build
All buildings will be completed directly after the craftsman begins with the first building action!
Warning: The actions 'delivery of raw materials' and 'prepare of grounds' have to be fulfilled nevertheless!

Special Hint

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Life is Feudal - Forest Village: Fantastic micromanagement that produces a good crop of fruit!

The brand-new city-building- and management video game Life is Feudal - Forest Village from 2016 takes place in a harsh medieval world that is put in scene incredibly authentically. You will be encouraged to expand settlements and to cultivate food in order to keep your villagers away from vitamin deficiency and hunger. In order to master this challenging micromanagement, the cheats of our latest MegaTrainer will provide you with all resources and supplies for free!


As it is true of an authentic micromanagement video game, the new Life is Feudal - Forest Village from 2016 does not stage a genuine story, quite the opposite: You'll write the story of this challenging spectacle by yourself, cultivating the wild and rough countryside successively and adorning it with various houses, pastures, orchards, farms, windmills and many other buildings.
But this is only the beginning, because the video game Life is Feudal - Forest Village is primarily about gathering food and resources. That means in plain text: You will scour the forest for food, hunt wild animals, cultivate the fields and, of course, you'll keep house and farm animals. When winter comes – and trust us, winter is coming –, it would certainly be advisable to have sufficient supplies of firewood, charcoal and warm clothes.
However, food is the alpha and omega in this harsh medieval in-game world. Therefore, consider this: A lack of vitamins can cause terrible diseases among your villagers. If diseases are spreading and cause an epidemic, it may well be that your whole village is wiped out forever!
But the advanced farming system of Life is Feudal - Forest Village provides you with many different farming options – like versatile crops, fruit trees and vegetables – in order to install a diversified field economy... provided that your workers do a clean job and that your hunters protect them from wild animals!


Hence, the new indie video game Life is Feudal - Forest Village from 2016 provides the possibility to switch between two perspectives – birdseye view and First Person – at any time. During birdseye view you can overlook all organizational tasks and give strategic commands to your subordinates. During First Person perspective you take on the role of some villagers and do everyday tasks with your colleagues.
Your terraforming options – or more specifically all changes that you will cause by human intervention in the landscape – will help you to gradually expand your settlement and build up bigger building. The construction of new roads and a careful infrastructure will play a key role in bringing your business forward.
Just as the health of your villagers does! Especially during the cold days you should provide enough meat, fish, bread, vegetables and fruits. Vitamins are essential, they protect your subjects from disease and death – as well as warm clothes do!
The ecosystem of Life is Feudal - Forest Village is no less susceptible to interference. Excessive agriculture and a rampant use of timber could damage flora and fauna sustainably, which in turn leads to the extinction of animals, mushrooms, berries and medicinal herbs. If this new video game teaches one lesson, it is that you should never bite the hand that feeds you.
Depending on the season and time of year this golden rule may be implemented into practice more or less. During summer droughts you will have to pour your growing by hand. During floods in the autumn you will have to build trenches and deal with the water masses somehow. The rigors of winter have already been mentioned.
However most important is to keep your villagers in a good mood, no matter the weather. Their morale takes a strong effect on their level of productivity. Even if devastating disasters such as lightning, tornadoes or earthquakes are befalling you and your settlers, you should always have an ace in the hole to give your villagers comfort, make them happy and to make them continue to work for your mission. Finally, you want to employ a micromanagement that produces a good crop of fruit!


Why seek far away when the finest fruits are within reach? This refers, of course, to the codes of our latest MegaTrainer from 2016. Use the help of them and you'll be able to increase your goods – food, resources, clothing, etc. – in all buildings arbitrarily to 10, 100 or even 10,000. The other exclusive Life is Feudal - Forest Village cheats maximize your storage capacity in a way that allows you to store as many items as you like. Finally, another code ensures that all your construction projects are build up immediately – without annoying delays. More help won't be needed: Play along with the latest Life is Feudal - Forest Village Trainer from 2016 and you will create a settlement that the world has never seen!


  • Houses, pastures, orchards, farms, windmills and many other buildings
  • Devastating disasters such as lightning, tornadoes and earthquakes
  • Easy switch between two perspectives: Birdseye and First Person
  • Progressive Farming system with a variety of mounting options
  • Challenging capers depending on season and time of year
  • Terraforming options with versatile landscape changes
  • Dynamic ecosystem with sensitive flora and fauna
  • Rough medieval but incredibly authentic world
  • Fight against droughts, floods and cold
  • Sophisticated micromanagement
  • Differentiated modding options


Incidentally, the new indie video game Life is Feudal - Forest Village from 2016 proves to be immensely modder friendly. The modding options are extremely diverse: They are not limited to the AI, animations, tasks and resource management, but they also allow to employ changes to the navigation, sounds and many other gaming systems. All the systems of this phenomenal city-building game can be completely rewritten – by scripts that are written in LUA!

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