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Legends of Callasia: Nothing stands in your path of conquering the world!

The brand-new strategy video game Legends of Callasia from 2016 offers its players competing factions, daring heroes and warlike armies in abundance. You will build up new kingdoms, conquer foreign countries and send many enemies to ruin. But remember: strategy has top priority in Legends of Callasia! However, once the cheats of our MegaTrainer belong to your strategy, nothing can go wrong. How could it, having extra gold, units and super strong soldiers?
Game Profile
Publisher: Boomzap Entertainment
Developer: Boomzap Entertainment
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

Legends of Callasia Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for money
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
+1,000 Money
Increases your money/credits according to the displayed value!
Super-Unit (on select unit/hero)
Increases the values for attack and defense up to 50 and the number of units up to 10!
Mega-Unit (on select unit/hero)
Increases the values for attack and defense up to 500 and the number of units up to 25!

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The great video game Legends of Callasia from 2016 doesn’t come up with a genuine storyline, but rather with a framework in which you write the story of the game by yourself: by glorious deeds and victorious battles indeed!
The Great War of Callasia is raging and threatens to tear the countries of Legends of Callasia apart. You will have to choose a faction in this all-decisive war, recruit legendary heroes and lead gigantic armies to battle killing off your enemies. You'll build up entire cities from the ground, conquer proud kingdoms and make useful alliances in order to be victorious. But the troop strength of your armies is only half the battle. The bonus cards, that are here and there to find in this game, are often tipping the scales when it comes to win the battles.
The missions of the single player campaign run highly-tactical and are very challenging. The three factions – Hundred Kingdoms, Faceborne and Revenant – come up with very different buildings, troops, weapons, items, etc. In short: the replay value of Legends of Callasia from 2016 is enormous.


The strategy game Legends of Callasia from 2016 provides you with the task to conquer as many countries and kingdoms as you can. Whether if you act by brute force sending your enemies to hell by the use of hammer, sword and ax, or whether if you choose a diplomatic path and forge useful alliances – that is entirely up to you. The main thing is that you remain mindful to the pre-established criteria of gameplay and win options – triumph by victory points for example.
Depending on which faction you have chosen – Hundred Kingdoms, Faceborne or Revenant – the story-based missions in each campaign run completely different. Each campaign comes up with other heroes that may be unlocked in each level.
The (for the most part) automatically generated fights take place as follows: During the so-called ‘Missile Phase’ the so-called ‘Missile Units’ are fighting against each other and randomly and simultaneously. The troops on the ‘Frontline’ will suffer at worst.
During the ‘Melee Phase’ the armies that include heroes are much better off than the others. Depending on the terrain structure you may expect extra extra bonuses to improve your defense. Not least, the in-game cards come to fruition here. The many cards that Legends of Callasia features provide you with countless improvements and upgrades for terrain, heroes and armies. Of course, the cards have a price: gold!


Ever since then the codes of our latest MegaTrainer may be the best, because they can shower you with gold. Then you can always have the best cards available and get the best upgrades right away! The other exclusive Legends of Callasia cheats will raise the limit for units, so you can recruit much larger armies sending them into battle. Another code may provide you with super strong units that are virtually impregnable. Therefore it is obvious: Playing along with the latest Legends of Callasia Trainer from 2016 you will conquer as many foreign countries and build up as many new kingdoms as you possibly want!


  • Countless improvements for terrain, heroes and armies
  • Competing factions, daring heroes and warlike armies
  • Over 25 heroes with various classes and bonus cards
  • Thrilling and challenging gameplay over 40 hours
  • Several glorious deeds and victorious battles
  • High-tactical, story-based missions
  • Differentiated diplomacy system
  • Extensive Multiplayer
  • Eventful bonus cards


The new strategy game Legends of Callasia from 2016 was launched in December 2015 as a kickstarter- and Steam Greenlight- campaign. These games funding campaigns were successful very quickly. The main objective in the game is to conquer the world. Since February 2016 Legends of Callasia can be purchased as Early Access edition on Steam. Since then, nothing stands in your path of conquering the world!

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