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06.10.2018 • 14 Codes

Landinar - Into the Void: Unfortunate starship captain!

The 2018 Indie-Action-RPG-Video-Game Landinar - Into the Void lets you take on the role of an unlucky spaceship captain. Choose between a male or female hero and set out on your own path through the universe. Take on missions, defeat enemies and find your way back to Happiness. Our 2018 MegaTrainer offers you exclusive Balancing- as well as Nightmare- and Hardcore Codes!
Game Profile
Publisher: Convoy Games
Developer: Convoy Games
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Landinar - Into the Void Cheats



The video-game Landinar - Into the Void takes you on an action-packed space adventure in a remote quadrant under the tight control of the empire. In Landinar - Into the Void you slip into the role of a clumsy spaceship captain. You have been left by luck and no matter where you go, you get into trouble. You have more enemies than friends, which is not so advantageous. After a little run-in with the law, you are eager to change something. Get into your spaceship and set your path. Collect materials and discover new technologies that will help you expand your ship, talk to other inhabitants of space and defeat your enemies. Explore the vastness of space and help the rebellion against the empire in the video-game Landinar - Into the Void.


The video-game Landinar - Into the Void gives you a lot of freedom in designing the game. As a spaceship captain, you are part of a rebellion that fights against the empire. By exploring the game world of Landinar - Into the Void you can find materials and discover new technologies. With these, you're able to design and upgrade your own ship. No matter whether speed or firepower, build your spaceship to match your playing style. While exploring the 10 sectors you can find other spaceships, members of the empire or spaceship stations. Talk to the inhabitants to get quests or fight them. You can choose whose missions you want to accept and who you want to work for.


In the video-game Landinar - Into the Void you play a spaceship captain left by luck. You should be happy to hear that your luck has come back. Our Landinar - Into the Void Trainer provides you with 14 lucky Landinar - Into the Void Cheats that will help you explore the endless vastness of space. Our money cheat provides you with more money and our weapon cheat protects your weapons from overheating. Different cheats for the ship offer you infinite turbo, infinite shield, a godmode and more. There is also a Godmode for your character that will save you from dying. But if you think you're too lucky and need a little bad luck... you can turn everything around. Instead of a lot of money you get hardly any money, instead of infinite turbo, you get a little amount of turbo or instead of an infinite shield for your ship, you get almost no shield. You are perfectly equipped for space with many more Landinar - Into the Void Cheats.


  • Fight against the empire
  • Build your own spaceship
  • Story- and Sandbox Mode
  • Open world sandbox
  • Create your own game
  • Explore the universe
  • Early access


The Action-RPG-Landinar - Into the Void was released on September 18, 2018. It was developed by Dutch video-game-developers and publishers Convoy Games. Landinar - Into the Void is the developers' second game and is similar to video-games like Space Rogue released in 2016 or Everspace. The video-game Landinar - Into the Void is available on Steam for Microsoft Windows.

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