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01.05.2012 • 5 Codes

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: Take what you can, give nothing back!

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean invites you to re-experience the daring adventures, the colourful characters, the many funny scenes and the unique landscapes from all 4 films anew. Our MegaTrainer equips you with infinite oxygen for the beginning!
Game Profile
Publisher: Disney Interactive
Developer: Traveller's Tales
Release Year: 2011
Game Modes: Singleplayer

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
+100.000 money/bricks
With each activation of this cheat you can increase your money by the shown value.
This cheat helps you to track down hidden items!
Activate this cheat to become immortal in the game.
Infinite oxygen
Provides you with unlimited oxygen!

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  • All LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean cheats work for the human player only.



The action-packed battles and the many challenging puzzles are extended by several parodic cut scenes. Whether you impersonate Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Captain Barbossa, Davy Jones or some other decisive character, you will love the picturesque game world of LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean and its versatile tasks! And by the way: Tortuga is always worth a trip... During the story mode of LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean the playable characters are based on the story of the movie. During free play, however, you can freely explore the Caribbean with up to 8 pirates. Of course you can switch between the different characters at will. Switching between the privateers, however, may even be necessary from time to time: Each character comes up with its own special skills and many challenges can only be met by specific individuals. As mentioned above, Jack has his special compass, Marty has a powerful gun, Elizabeth can jump extremely high, etc. All this may only help little that time you will be trapped in the bone ball, but still: The special abilities are a nice thing to have! Among other things this is one of the reasons why LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean generates so much variety with its characters. Anyway, those who love the movies will totally adore this game: All known venues such as Port Royal, Tortuga, the Black Pearl and Singapore are accompanied with the grandiose original soundtrack. Furthermore all places have been designed with great attention to detail. You know what you have to do: Start your PC now and do never forget the golden rule-take what you can, give nothing back!


It goes without saying that LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean integrates all famous places, people and events into its exciting storyline. You already know well enough the basic strategies of a bona fide LEGO game: Every now and then you have to fight against nasty opponents and solve one tricky and entertaining puzzle after another. However, each of the four films of this successful tetralogy is divided into five sections. In total you may experience more than 20 very fun and unique levels. Thus you will have to explore dark caves, head off to unknown islands in the Caribbean, fight battles on pirate ships and bring up your big guns into position! The various puzzles and brain teasers just provide LEGO-typical tasks such as activating switches, re-assembling LEGO-bricks into new forms, exploring hidden objects and so on... Of course the compass of Jack Sparrow will help you out there. As we all know it only indicates the things that we desire most! The funny riddles of LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean are very logical and make a lot of fun. By the time you have fractionalized all the LEGO-objects in their individual parts, the eureka-moment will come as if by magic! However, some other tasks stage different scenes from the films. Its ironic presentations provide the whole game with a welcome wind of change. In addition, the game contains a number of passages that you only know from relevant platforming games! Thus this adventure won’t get boring at all! Whenever you meet a sinister enemy, you will beat him with sword, axe or gun and thus fractionalize him into his individual parts. The battle system may not be the most complicated one but all fighting scenarios are staged extremely entertaining.


There is actually more you can take: Our MegaTrainer equips you with infinite oxygen, thus you can dive as long as desired. In addition, the other one-off LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean cheats provide you with as many mission- and normal stones as you want. Now you may proceed limit-free and shape the game world according to your ideas. Finally, you will receive the Godmode whereby all your pirates become indestructible. As mentioned above: The LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Trainer makes you take even more and you won’t have to give back anything!


  • Adventures, characters, scenes and landscapes from all 4 movies
  • Staging of all key scenes of the grandiose tetralogy
  • Action-packed fights with sword, axe and gun
  • Witty and ironic humour
  • Parodistic cut scenes
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Unique game modes
  • Wonderful graphics

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