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01.05.2012 • 8 Codes

Kingdom of Amalur - Reckoning: Explore the Secret of Immortality

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was launched by Big Huge Games and is part of a new generation of the RPG genre. You encounter a fantasy universe full of mystery and magic in the open world of Amalur, which was created by the best-selling author R.A. Salvatore. Our exclusive item cheats supply you with everything you need to fire up the creatures of evil!



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Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning Cheats

Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning Board

This board is for Kingdoms of Amalur - Reckoning. Use this platform to discuss positive and negative aspects of the game. If you have a problem with our trainer or a cheat, please check our FAQ or open a Support.
  • darealwigga
  • gold Member
03.09.2019 18:24
Also I do not know if it's possible, but a cheat designed to remove the level cap would be cool.
  • darealwigga
  • gold Member
03.09.2019 16:26
Hello MegaDev Team! Loving the cheats for the game so far, however, I have a request for a new cheat. The game while fun becomes progressively harder in terms of experience and leveling up, and there's no real way to "farm" experience effectively aside from main missions. I'd like to request an experience (XP) cheat that boosts your XP by 1,000. Please consider it, as leveling up becomes a hassle come late game. Thankyou! PS: (It would be more fun to be crazy OP. Lol.)
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