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04.12.2018 • 13 Codes
Game Profile
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Avalanche Studios
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Just Cause 4 Cheats


Just Cause 4 - The most dangerous and most personal mission!

Rico Rodriguez is back! The action-adventure-video-game Just Cause 4 sends you into the South American world of Solís. The world is characterized by extreme weather conditions, conflicts, and oppression. Grab your grappling hook and your wingsuit and get ready to bring the thunder in classic Just Cause manner! Oh, and while you are at it you might as well lead the rebellion and defeat the evil military organization Black Hand. Your single player experience will be even more explosive with the trainers, cheats, and Premium-Training-Codes of our 2018 MegaTrainer.


Welcome to Solís, a 1024 square kilometer South American world, plagued by extreme weather conditions. In the video-game Just Cause 4 you take the familiar role of ex-agent Rico Rodriguez. This is your most dangerous mission. Solís resources are controlled with advanced technology by the Black Hand Mercenary Organization. Solís suffers from extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes, violent thunderstorms, sandstorms, and snowstorms. Your task is to find the destructive power, destroy it and clear the name of your family. Fight your toughest opponent, Gabriela Morales. Build up an army with new and familiar faces, defeat the Black Hand, learn more about your past and spread as much chaos as possible. The world belongs to you, do whatever you want.


Just Cause 4 returns with brand new gameplay physics and the biggest, most beautiful and dangerous Just Cause world ever. 1024 square kilometers where you can let off steam. Just Cause 4 runs on the new Apex engine, which was also used in the video-game theHunter - Call of the Wild. The famous grappling hook in the video-game Just Cause 4 has been optimized. The grappling hook is now equipped with thrust rockets, balloons and tension ropes. Each extension has numerous adjustable parameters, so you have millions of possible combinations. No matter if you want to fly with a tank over the enemy base or exterminate a settlement with improvised incendiary bombs, or if you take advantage of the extreme weather conditions, you have numerous possibilities. Just Cause 4 offers a large number of new vehicles, from micro-jets to construction vehicles. The story of the game evolves according to your progress, you can approach goals in any order, your actions, and your itinerary determines what you experience in Solís.


In the video-game Just Cause 4 you play as Rico Rodriguez on his most dangerous mission and spread as much chaos as possible. The Just Cause 4 Trainer accompanies you with grenades, tank launchers and unique Just Cause 4 Cheats. Our ammunition cheats either provide you with infinite ammunition, including grenades or prepares your gun that you don’t have to reload. The Energy Cheats provides you with infinite nitro for your car or infinite energy for your jetpack. A Godmode that saves you from dying and many more helpful Just Cause 4 Cheats are available in our the Just Cause 4 Trainer.


  • Most dangerous mission with the main actors of the Just-Cause-series Rico Rodriguez
  • New extensions for the grabbling hook
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Better Physics Engine
  • Write your own story
  • Creative Destruction
  • Unique places


Action, destruction, explosions and a rebellion. The famous video-game series Just Cause is back with its newest part, Just Cause 4. The origin of The Last Remnant was in 2006, that was the beginning of the successful open-world-action-adventure-game with main character Rico Rodriguez. 2010 came the second part Just Cause 2, 5 years later appeared Just Cause 3 and on December 4, 2018 the newest part of the series Just Cause 4 was released. Video-game developers of the Just Cause series are the developers Avalanche Studios, which became known on the one hand by the Just Cause video-games but also by other video-games, such as the video-games Mad Max and theHunter - Primal from 2015. Publisher of the video-game Just Cause 4 is the Japanese publisher Square Enix, the best known for the Final Fantasy-series with the latest part Final Fantasy XV and their Tomb Raider-series with the latest part Shadow of the Tomb Raider. As well as for many other video-games like the Dragon Quest Heroes-series, the Thief-series or also video-games like Deus Ex - Mankind Divided from 2016 and the NieR - Automata released in 2017.

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