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31.05.2016 • 5 Codes

Jets'n'Guns Gold: Massive Action including extra sound, levels, weapons and improved graphics!

The rock-hard sidescroller action game Jets'n'Guns Gold provides such sensational graphics and such explosive special effects that your eyes nearly pop out of your head. By installing tons of hellish weapons on your devastating warship, you might save the universe and defeat over 270 different monsters in 43 level. The cheats of our colossal MegaTrainer provide at least an instant cooldown and unlimited ammo for all your weapons, which means: fire at will!
Game Profile
Publisher: Rake in Grass
Developer: Rake in Grass
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Jets'n'Guns Gold Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for score
You may only increase your score, if you activate the prepare for cheats in the first place!
+10,000 Score
You may only increase your score, if you activate the prepare for cheats in the first place!
Infinite money
Makes you increase and freeze the value of your money at will!
No weapon heat
This cheat allows you to shoot without overheating your weapons - continuous fire yeah!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

Special Hint

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Truth be told: The sidescroller game Jets'n'Guns Gold generates not only an exciting and incredibly fast action, but also a fine, ironic humor that is second to none. At the beginning of the game your protagonist is hired as a freelancer to teach small-criminal space crooks the meaning of fear. But very soon he will have to accomplish much greater tasks: To be blunt, you will receive a call of your former commander Col. Troubleman. The veteran colonel is stationed at the United Space Ship Impotence.
The USS Impotence urgently needs your help: One of their scientists, Professor von Hamburg, was kidnapped by the evil genius called Xoxx. The scholar has developed a tremendous quantum cannon that can theoretically destroy the whole universe with one single shot.
A disaster! This quantum gun in the hands of criminal genius Xoxx – that may not bode well!
Together with the daughter of the professor, Erecta von Hamburg, you'll have to find the scientist and his quantum cannon. Completely clear what to do first: You have to break into the well-guarded FeX laboratory and steal a TMIG-226 fighter. Between you and your goal there are the minions of crazy Xoxx, which means: more than 270 different flying creatures that are waiting to be blast back to hell. Finally, this exciting game offers two alternate endings depending on your genuine gameplay...


The nerve-racking action game Jets'n'Guns Gold reminds inevitably of games like Dariusburst Chronicle Saviours, but still is very specific. Between 43 unique level you get the opportunity to buy new upgrades to improve your maneuverability, speed and your weapon cooling system. Another item is the Atarix, a crucial artifact that helps you to recover the hidden goods of destroyed transport ships.
The many upgrades could not be any more different. They equip your mighty TMIG-226 fighter with stronger armor, faster recovery, better shields, innovative nano-machines and more pernicious weapons. You will need those indeed. Especially since at any time you blow off a great amount of enemies at once, you will receive great rewards and nice bonuses.
Your TMIG-226 fighter carries into battle up to three weapons at the front, bombing- and missile systems on the sides and some weapons at the back. The many different missiles that can unleash a veritable hail are only the beginning. Flamethrowers, electric balls and acid cannons make your massive arsenal complete. You should be careful that the systems do not overheat in order to avoid unnecessary waiting times. However, the firing rates and the cooling system of all weapons can be gradually improved.
Whoever talks about the action game Jets'n'Guns Gold is supposed to speak a word or two about the soundtrack that was composed by Machinae Supremacy. The band has generated over 50 minutes of original music that underlines the tremendous mood and lurid atmosphere perfectly!


There is only one thing missing: The latest MegaTrainer from 2016! Utilizing the help of these codes you will receive immediately any high score and infinite much money. Thus, you can purchase all weapons, armor, missile- and bomb systems immediately. The other Jets'n'Guns Gold cheats ensure that your weapon may never overheat and that your fighter will become indestructible. From now on, you present your enemies a full-automatic fire at its finest. Once you activate the Godmode, your warship can't be defeated anymore. Therefore: Get the latest Jets'n'Guns Gold Trainer from 2016 now and unleash an inferno knowing every trick in the book!


  • Awesome upgrades for your ship's maneuverability, speed and cooling system
  • Innovative armor, regenerative systems, heavy shields and nanomachines
  • Special weapons like flamethrowers, electric balls and acid cannons
  • Inspired by games like Tyrian 2000, Project X and Walker
  • Two alternate endings depending on your game style
  • More than 270 different monsters in 43 unique level
  • Original soundtrack by Machinae Supremacy
  • Exciting and incredibly fast action gameplay
  • Upgradeable bomb- and missile systems
  • Rising fire rates for all weapons
  • Very subtle and ironic humor
  • Explosive special effects
  • Sensational graphics


The developers of Jets'n'Guns Gold have stressed that they had been inspired significantly by games like Tyrian 2000, Project-X and Walker. Nevertheless: The action game Jets'n'Guns Gold is far more complex and contains many more upgrades, weapons, armors, and generally spoken: It integrates much more playful possibilities. Moreover, humor certainly is not missing: Space-fighters that are equipped with knives and ships that bear comical advertising posters displaying slogans like “ultimate destructive power!” or “as seen on TV” are not uncommon. In addition, the Jets'n'Guns Gold version includes six brand-new soundtracks composed by Hubnester Industries, a sister production company of Machinae Supremacy. Anyway: Since 2014 the latest edition can be purchased on Steam with additional sound, level, weapons and improved graphics!

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