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01.05.2012 • 5 Codes

Iron Sky Invasion: Nazis attack from outer space!

The space action game Iron Sky Invasion sets new standards for explosive battles in space. Iron Sky Invasion stages lurid dogfights with completely different spaceships in a free-roaming game world. Especially the bizarre story motivates its players to really buckle down: At the end of World War II a small group of Hitler's henchmen managed to escape to the dark side of the moon.
Game Profile
Publisher: TopWare Interactive
Developer: Reality Pump Studios
Release Year: 2012
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Iron Sky Invasion Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
+250.000 Credits (on open upgrade-menu)
Increases the amount of your money according to the displayed value, each time you make a purchase.
Infinite ammo
These cheats provide your fighter with unlimited ammunition, after-burners, shields and hull!
Infinite afterburner
These cheats provide your fighter with unlimited ammunition, after-burners, shields and hull!
Infinite hull
These cheats provide your fighter with unlimited ammunition, after-burners, shields and hull!
Infinite shields
These cheats provide your fighter with unlimited ammunition, after-burners, shields and hull!

Special Hint

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  • All Iron Sky Invasion cheats work for the human player only.



More than 70 years later the Nazis preparation has come to an end and time has come to cover the earth with terror. In 2018, after having built up an overpowering Space fleet, the Fourth Reich starts the most terrible invasion that the earth ever has to cope with. The fate of the world entirely lies in the hands of the player. During many missions, which could not be more different, the players of Iron Sky Invasion have to prove their skills as elite pilots. The focus totally lies on action-packed space battles...
Just as the original film Iron Sky, released in 2012, the corresponding game Iron Sky Invasion stages a parody story that should not be taken too seriously. How could it be otherwise when the Nazis operate out of a secret moon base and put the Earth under attack? Nevertheless: The especially for the game produced live-action cut scenes feed the obscure story of Iron Sky Invasion with interesting material and keep the players on track. After the secret moon base of the Nazis is uncovered by American spies in 2018, the Nazi generals do not think twice: The invasion starts immediately! The heirs of Hitler attack with so-called Empire Flying Saucers and giant carrier vessels that carry around huge asteroids as weapons of mass destruction. Of course you have to prevent the Nazis to hurl the gigantic rocks against the earth. Thus you jump into the role of a nameless American soldier and go into war. This is not some war: This Meteoric Blitzkrieg consists of rapid manoeuvres and explosive battles, as you know them from no other game...


Nevertheless sometimes you will need a break. Then you carry on funny conversations with Nazi defectors or the female US president, which apparently is a political cartoon of Sarah Palin. It is especially the exaggerated characters and the absurd dialogues, which inspires the peculiar and sometimes ironic humour of Iron Sky Invasion. But mainly you drive your very different space fighters through the cosmos and shoot off any Nazi ship - either in ego or external perspective. After each successful battle you collect the wreckage of your foes, make some money out of it and invest in new upgrades for your fighters: Destructive laser canons, guided and unguided missiles, these are all beautiful things that you need to send the Nazis to kingdom come. The entire story of Iron Sky Invasion proves to be a single large-scale operation, because the Nazis relentlessly continue their invasion. Therefore you should always set an eye on the space map, so you can fight back any attack in time...
Iron Sky Invasion comes up with several very strong opponents, which must be wrestled down by the right attacking tactics. The zeppelins of the Siegfried class can only be destroyed when you take the corresponding hatches. Basically, you can redirect the whole power of your ship to shields, thrust or weapons in all manoeuvres. The fighting scenes will show whether you have chosen the right priorities. The tactical prioritization changes, of course, from mission to mission. An escort mission requires a different approach as the mission, in which you have to produce a propaganda film in space. But do not panic: During all of the many different missions, there will be plenty of nerve-wracking battles with the warships of the Nazis. Your talents as a pilot and as a weapons expert are continually challenged. The action-packed battles are perfectly complemented by the pretty graphics and the orchestral soundtrack. When the Nazis started their invasion, they did not bargain for one thing: The resistance of your rockets and your laser cannons! Let them come...


Exactly: The Cheats of our MegaTrainer will beat the living daylights out of every last Nazi! First of all, you get infinite ammo, thus you can really fire off all the Nazis. Furthermore, another cheat equips your ship with unlimited afterburners. This is a special boost that accelerates your ship tremendously. By doing this you even get away from the trickiest situations. Finally, we equip your ship with an indestructible shell and impenetrable shields. Thus each of your fighters becomes invincible. Thus you see: Get hold of the Iron Sky Invasion Trainer and you will blow every goddamn Nazi to kingdom come!


  • Destructive weapons and upgrades for all fighters
  • Battles in egoshooter- or external perspective
  • Wide variety of spaceships
  • Quirky and parodic story
  • Explosive space battles
  • Varied mission design
  • Bombastic graphics
  • Orchestral sound

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